Fall Fashion

J’adore Fall Fashion: Boots

I have a small (read: huge) obsession with boots! I make it a point to buy at least one (usually closer to 3+, including those I get for Christmas) new pair of boots each fall/winter.  Sometimes I will pay full price for them if they really are fabulous and I cannot live without them, but oftentimes I will wait until fall is half-way through so that I can find them on sale. I find that no matter how many pairs I have, I always feel the urge to buy more. That’s because there are so many different styles and I must.have.them.all.  Here are some of the hot styles this fall:

1. Stacked heels.  They have a heel, but the heel is chunky so they’re MUCH more comfortable than a stiletto boot. And they usually are knee-high so they can be worn with skinny pants, skirts, dresses or underneath regular pants.  They’re super versatile!

2.  Booties are also HUGE this fall, as they have been for the past couple of years. I am ashamed to say that I do not own a pair of booties.  I’m definitely breaking one of my own fashion commandments by not owning a pair.  But I am on the lookout and they are the #1 item on my handy shopping list I made a couple of weeks back of my “must have items.” I like a  suede low-heeled bootie for a more casual look, but get a higher heel for dressing up! I love them with skinny jeans, as well as skirts and dresses.  I personally wouldn’t wear them with a fuller leg jean or pant because I think it takes away from their cuteness in hitting the ankle.  But to each her own!

I love this neutral:

I like the booties that hit just at my ankle or right above it, because I think they make my legs look longer and don’t cut them off at a weird spot!

3. Riding boots!  Probably my favorite of them all!  Stylish and comfortable! My signature weekend outfit in fall and winter usually involves skinny jeans, a tee and a long cardigan with some riding boots. Wear with leggings or skinnies. I have a hard time pairing them with skirts or dresses, because I just think about them as a casual, every-day boot. I suggest getting them in black and tan/cognac. I dream about the day that I can afford these Frye’s:

I get a little swoony over these.  Sigh.

4. Wedges! Knee-high wedges and bootie wedges!  I have to admit, again, that I don’t yet own a pair of these, but they are on my list (most likely in bootie form)!  Again, very comfortable!  Great with jeans (skinny or fuller leg)!  


5. Platforms.  I am neutral about these.  They are a little 70’s for me (definitely not my style), but I think some of them can be toned down if you don’t dress head to toe in 70’s gear.

These leopards are fab.ulous:

6. Rainboots.  Hunter rainboots, specifically are so hot right now.  They also feature Hunter pretty often on Gilt Groupe, so keep an eye out!  They’re good for the rainy fall days where you don’t want to get your leather or suede boots wet. And some brands make them in fun plaids and colors!

7.  Last, but not least, Uggs.  I feel pretty uncool while wearing my Uggs because they’re like soooo 7 years ago (probably more, that’s when I first discovered them while at college in rural Indiana). I usually end up asking for a new pair every other year or so from my dad (he’s the only person I know that will humor me when it comes to Uggs), usually a different height, color, material each time.  I can’t help it, no matter how uncool or outdated they are, I love them.  They are the ultimate winter boot, for me. (I refuse to wear ugly snow boots…although if we ever get more than 6 inches of snow here I might be singing a different tune.) Sometimes if it’s cold, icy, snowy or raining in the winter and I just have to get myself to work, I wear them.  Walking around downtown St. Louis in the snow and ice in heels or flats is the worst idea ever.  The streets never get plowed and the sidewalks stay icy or snowy until it all melts.  So I’ll say that I definitely NEED Uggs. They are functional, comfortable and warm. I wear them when I’m not overly concerned with looking classy and stylish (it happens sometimes, believe it or not). These are going on the Christmas list this year:

Some good places to look for boots: Nordstrom – they have tons of all different prices; Piperlime – same!; DSW – great prices on boots and booties!; Victoria’s Secret – they sell more than just pricey lingerie!; various websites – endless, zappos, etc.; TJ Maxx, Marshalls! Check out the stores, there are a ton already on sale!

What are your favorite boots?  Did I miss any (impossible!)?






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