Frightful Fashion Faux Pas

I am a sorry sight this evening: sitting at home, on my couch, sick on Halloween night. I usually quite enjoy Halloween (well, mostly just the candy). I like seeing what the kiddos dress up as and the creative ideas they have. It’s definitely not in my favorite holiday category (hello, Thanksgiving!), but I remember fun Halloweens from my childhood.

I scare very easily, so while my husband wants to watch the scariest movies ever made around this season (will never watch The Exorcist again. Ever.), I’m usually opt out. But there is something that scares the living daylights out of me, maybe even more than The Shining: terrible, horrible, fashion faux pas. Faux pas are obviously subjective, but here are some of the trends and looks that I would never rock. And I hope I can convince you how wrong they are.

*Legging or tights as pants. I do not approve of people wearing leggings in lieu of real pants in public. If you are wearing leggings with a long tunic, great! If your shirt doesn’t cover your darriere, put on some real pants. Tights are worse, since they are normally somwhat sheer. Seriously, wear pants in public. Note: workout pants are acceptable.

Dear Natalie Portman: you’re beautiful and have a great body, but I’m seeing too much of it. 

*White socks w/dark pants. If you are wearing dark pants and shoes that cover your entire foot and ankle, you are fine. Unless you’re channeling Michael Jackson, do not rock this look. Buy dark socks or some knee-high panty hoes. This goes mostly for men (men: don’t wear knee-high panty hoes 🙂 wear trouser socks), I don’t know a lot of women who wear socks with their heels or flats.

*Tennis shoes with dress pants or skirts. I see this a lot  downtown, because a lot of people park in garages and must walk to their buildings. And I understand that comfort is important because there is nothing worse than beginning your work day with sore feet. But there are plenty of comfortable shoes out there that are more chic than your sneaks. Dr. Scholl’s makes ultra comfortable and cute flats. I will often wear flats to work and then change into heels once I’m there. The exception to this rule: Uggs or snow/rain boots. If it’s rainy or snowy, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to wear the appropriate footwear for the weather. Another exception: if you walk on your lunch break for exercise. I fully support people getting in their exercise during the work day. So wear your kicks, if you must, in this scenario.

*Black/brown. Chocolate brown and black do not go together. There are so many other colors that pair well with black and brown that you do not need to put them together. Black with tan or cognac is okay (see above leggings-as-pants picture; that combo is okay). I admit that I have failed to switch my purse on occasion from black to brown or vice versa depending on what I’m wearing, but  I try not to make a habit out of it. I just am not a fan. Fashion editors and designers may think it’s okay, but I personally do not like it. 

*Ill-fitting pants (or clothes in general). Find.a.tailor. I cannot stand having pants that are too short. It makes me feel so ridiculous and uncomfortable. If you get a pair of pants and they are too short, go see a tailor and ask if he/she can take out the hem to make them a bit longer. Pants that are too long tend to look sloppy. It is difficult to make it so that pants can be worn with both heels and flats, so you must make that choice. I have jeans that have been hemmed so that they only work with flats and some that only work with heels. That’s why it’s good to have a variety of pants with different lengths. Before you decide how to have them tailored, decide on which shoes you want to wear them with. And if your tailor is good, he/she will ask you this when you take them in.

The same goes for the fit in the waist. Buy pants that fit, don’t stress about size. If you need to buy a size up and then have them altered, do it. If they don’t fit right, you will never wear them, and, therefore, you won’t be getting your money’s worth out of them. Having something tailored is always money well spent. I take mine to the dry cleaner’s for simple hemming or repairs. And to Nordstrom for serious alterations. But small local businesses are usually more reasonably priced. 

There are a lot of things that I consider fashion mistakes that some people may not. I generally just try to avoid trends that make me look or feel ridiculous. Wearing leggings as pants – ridiculous. It shows just a little too much of my behind for my comfort. Maybe someone with a size 0 butt won’t mind though 🙂

What are some faux pas that offend you most?


One thought on “Frightful Fashion Faux Pas

  1. Disagree about the black and brown, unless it is a really deep brown. Black and navy generally sets my teeth on edge and looks way too much like one got dressed in the dark (to quote Michael Kors).

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