Statement Pieces

Make a Statement

In general, my wardrobe is pretty basic. (I won’t say boring, even though that’s probably how most people would describe it:) ) I have a lot of solid colored sweaters, tees and blouses. I also have a lot of solid colored pants of various materials and colors. I have an aversion to patterns. I can live without most stripes, plaids and polka dots (love polka dots, just don’t wear them much!).

Every now and then I feel bored with the contents of my wardrobe. I sometimes get depressed (momentarily, not permanently) that I don’t have the money to completely revamp it. But I don’t have to! It’s shockingly easy to freshen up a wardrobe with something flashy, specifically a statement piece. This item can range from a necklace to shoes to a purse to a belt to a jacket and beyond!

A statement piece, to me, is an item of clothing or an accessory that becomes the focus of your outfit. It is fabulous enough to stand on its own without any other flashy pieces. All the other items that you wear only enahance and compliment it, not try to outdo it It can transform an outfit. In short, it’s a must-have.

So, what are some of my go to statement pieces?

1. A necklace. A lot of times I will mix and match outfits in gray, black and white. So when I want to glam it up a little bit more, I throw on a pretty necklace that usually has some color and shine. Here is a beautiful one that I just found on pinterest (btw, if you’re not already on Pinterest, I urge you to drop what you are doing and immediately join; I will send you an invite if you want me to!) this morning:

I love the color because it can work with either black or white (as shown in the photo). Try mixing in some turquoise (minimally, not a lot) to compliment the coral. But, in general, keep the outfit fairly simple. If you wear a necklace like this one, you also don’t need a lot of other jewelry. Maybe some studs in your ears. But don’t overdo it.

Kate Spade also makes some amazing statement necklaces.

I like this bib necklace because it would look great with a simple black crew neck shirt or sweater. Throw on some gold earrings (smallish) and a gold watch and you’re good to go!

I love this one because it’s really bright and would work with so many different colors – black, gray, white, tan, brown, etc. Try this with an ivory or gray shift dress.

2. Sequins. Surprised that I like sparkle as a statement piece? The great thing about a sequined something is that it can be a blazer, ballet flats, shorts, skirt, etc. There are so many options when it comes to sequins. If you don’t want something too out there, opt for sequined ballet flats or a blouse that has sequined embellishments rather than a dress, blazer or shorts.

Even though the amount of sparkle is confined to the shoulder and chest area, it still makes a statement. I would pair this with dark jeans (as shown in pic), minimal silver jewelry and black ballet flats.

I love this sequined blazer (and actually love the way it’s styled on Piperlime with the red pants). It’s cropped and open, so wear a solid black tee or tank that goes past the button on your jeans. And skinny pants are perfect to wear with this, but it would also look cute with some dark jeans with fuller legs.

I am going to skip sequined shorts because they’re hard to pull off. I tried on a pair at Express once and saw a huge whale in sequin shorts staring back at me. I currently have a love/hate relationship with them right now.

Sequins don’t have to be black (contrary to popular opinion 🙂 ). I love this copper colored dress. This would look great with a pair of gold-ish pumps and some subtle gold jewelry. The dress itself is the statement so no need to go overboard with accessories.

3. Shoes. A pop of color or a little sparkle in your shoes can add a lot to an outfit. As you’ve probably figured out (as I keep telling you) I wear a lot of black. So I love to wear statement shoes to amp it up.

No explanation needed. Sparkle + color = Flawless.

So adorable with a black or gray dress – go from work to cocktails!

I have a weird aversion to patent leather, but in red, it is perfection.

(Yes, these are all Kate Spade shoes. Can you tell I am majorly lusting for a pair?)

Do you all get my point about statement pieces? They work so well for me, because it is much easier (and cheaper!!) to buy 1 or 2 items to work into the wardrobe you already have than it is to buy an entire new one. Plus it’s a GREAT way to work in current trends (another example – faux fur! Go for it!). So instead of centering an entire wardrobe around the trends, just buy 1 or 2 items and work them into your already fabulous collection.


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