The Night Before!

I’m shifting my wedding focus a bit. I’ve found in the last 2-3 days that it’s challenging to dress for a cold weather wedding and wedding-related events. We are going to a rehearsal dinner tonight, and as I flip through the contents of my closet I realize I have no winter-appropriate outfits! Do I have time to run out and buy a new dress? Is it in my budget?

So what did I end up deciding on? Well, I figured out that you can make a lot of dresses “winterized” by adding black tights. So that’s what I did. But it’s not always as simple as that, so I’ve put together some outfits (seriously … polyvore … addicted … need intervention) that are great for a wintry wedding function (though I’ll say rehearsal dinner since that’s what I’m doing tonight:) ) that range from nice sit-down dinner to casual lunch or brunch.

Our rehearsal dinner was in the evening and at a nice Italian restaurant. I wore a dress and it seemed like most of the lady guests also wore dresses. So here are some wintry dress looks.

This dress could probably be worn in all seasons, but add black tights and it makes it wintry.

A sweaterdress is a great item to have for winter events. I recommend getting one in a dark or neutral color and accessorize!

If you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt, get some wool or flannel pants. They are chic and classic.

A taffeta skirt just says winter to me. So pair it with some tights, a jewel toned shirt and some flats!

Some rehearsals are either casual or are during the day, so here are a couple of wintry looks for those occasions.

Bottom line for winter wedding dressing: tights, pantyhose and boots are your friends. As are wool items – pants, sweaters, etc.


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