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Confessions: Update

So for those of you who don’t remember my weekend of shopping shame a few weeks ago, here is a refresher. In short, I decided I needed to get myself organized – shopping-wise. And in the past month, I really have! I thought I would share with you how I’ve been doing with my shopping goals and staying within my budget. I came up with a list of close to 20 items that I hope to by in the next year, year-and-a-half:


Chunky-heeled boots

Faux fur vest

Blazers – blush and navy

Wrap dress (DVF, if I can ever afford it 🙂 )

Statement jewelry

Black flats

Brown/neutral heels

Loafer heels

Leopard heels and flats

Feminine Blouses

Various sizes and colors of belts

“leather” jacket

Chambray shirt

Plaid scarf

Red wool coat



I kept a lot of the categories broad so that I don’t limit myself to a specific style. The past month I’ve been focusing mostly on jewelry. Here are some of my awesome finds (all found on either HauteLook, Ideeli or Gilt.)

The green earrings are actually in black. The top right were in purple, but I had to return them. They were about as big as my fist and clip-ons 🙂 I absolutely love the necklace – I have gotten so many compliments already.

There is still a bunch of jewelry I am hoping to get as well! They are most items by Amrita Singh and Kenneth Jay Lane:

I will be stalking HauteLook, Ruelala, Ideeli and Gilt over the next few months 🙂

Another item I’ve crossed off my master list is neutral heels. I just bought a pair last week from ninewest.com. It’s actually a good story – I bought them for about $50 (a great deal, in my opinion!), but just 2 days later I saw that they went on further sale for $35! So I called Nine West and they gave me a refund for the difference. It just goes to show that it’s ALWAYS worth asking!

They aren’t that exciting (my very honest sister bluntly referred to them as boring), but sometimes you just need things that aren’t flashy. They’re practical and perfect for work!

I also scoured Nordstrom’s half-yearly women’s sale and found a great pencil skirt:

Love the color!

I also got this cute tie-neck blouse (falling under the feminine blouses on my list!)

Since we’re getting close to Christmas, I probably won’t be shopping for myself too much, so my list may go untouched for a month or two. But my next priority will be a faux fur vest, leopard heels and some new boots!

Making this list has helped me tremendously – now whenever I go out shopping or shop online, I am much more focused on what I’m looking for. Have I inspired anyone else to do this? If so, how is yours going?


2 thoughts on “Confessions: Update

  1. I *LOVE* this post. What made you decide to focus on jewelry this month? I’m super inspired by your use of black tights with neutral or bright skirts and on the hunt for both!

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