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Gobble Gobble

I am so ready for Thursday. The minute 5:00 hits today, I am going home and packing, getting all of Princess Lola’s (our spoiled rotten but endlessly sweet dog) stuff together and making a cheesecake. And then tomorrow at approximately 12:31 we will be ON OUR WAY to the most glorious holiday there is!

As I go through my head-list of everything we need to bring, I try to coordinate a Thanksgiving day outfit. What will we be doing? Probably sitting at my mom’s house, watching football (well, my brother and husband, I’ll be shopping online most likely 🙂 ). What a perfect opportunity for casual, comfortable clothing. We are a big comfort family, so soft knits and stretchy pants are just the ticket! But I think lounge wear can still be stylish and cute!

But I also realize that some people do actually have to get dressed for the day. Perhaps you are going to your significant other’s house, meeting his or her entire family for the first time (how horribly nerve wracking! I at least met my in-laws a month before the holiday!). In that case, I suggest comfortable fabrics and shapes that will “give” a little if (when) you over-eat.

I will probably be wearing something in the family of leggings/sweats.

Leggings are completely acceptable when paired with a long cardigan 🙂


Depending on the amount of lycra in them, jeans can also be quite comfy, especially when paired with soft knits. Realistically, I will probably not wear shoes, only slippers.

(and the sweater is roomy enough so that it won’t show in case you get a little poochy from too much turkey :))

Thanksgiving 1

 I definitely need a pair of moccasin slippers!

If you must dress up more, I suggest figure-flattering shapes and soft, comfortable fabrics – jersey, wool, anything with stretch basically.

The shape of this wrap top is very figure-flattering, emphasizing your natural waist.!

Again, this dress is figure flattering as it comes in at your natural waist and then has a fuller skirt. And the fabric is stretchy.


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