A Stream of Fashion Consciousness

Today, I just feel like writing. I don’t have a purpose or a theme. Perhaps I’m overwhelmed by the millions of emails I got for CYBER MONDAY sales (score! this and this) or maybe I’m just starting to feel the effects of the sun setting before a senior center dinner (right around 4:30 here). I need to be inspired. So why not a stream of fashion consciousness (coined by my wittier-than-I sister) to get me out of the post-Thanksgiving funk and into the fashion spirit?

So who/what inspires me? For starters, my aunt Tere, who not only passed on the fashion gene to me, (even though we’re not blood related, we still maintain there’s something there) but also taught me some of my own personal fashion beliefs – head-to-toe black is always acceptable; stock up on plain t’s and jeans that you like and fit you perfectly; don’t pay a ton of money for simple items – buy your t-shirts and other closet staples at Target. When I was a kid, I didn’t really “get” why she always wore white capris and black shirts or black capris and white shirts. But now I completely do.

My mom inspires me by reminding me that dressing well can also be comfy. And she was way ahead of the denim-on-denim trend that swept the fashion world. I will now always look to her for the coming denim trends.

My friends are 100 times more stylish than they give themselves credit for. Yes, I write about style and fashion, but I don’t know everything. I’m so humbled  when they ask me for my advice or help.

I did not take part in any black Friday shopping. And I didn’t really miss it. Most of the promotions (on clothes, anyways, not on TVs) are also found online and are extended through the entire weekend. So why torture yourself by going out at midnight or 3 a.m. to fight the crazies (ie, the woman who pepper sprayed everyone around her) when you can wake up at a reasonable hour and sit in your jammies with a cup of coffee and your laptop? (not lazy, I just try to avoid the insanity as much as possible.)

It should come as no surprise that I love the Cyber Monday tradition (see Ode to Online Shopping post). But today I was very underwhelmed (besides the 2 items that I actually purchased). Not all sites offered free shipping (dealbreaker!) and the discounts just were not big enough. If you really want people to buy online on this day, offer at least 40% off any item plus free shipping. Anything higher than 30% off usually gets me. I’m a sucker for a good sale.

My brother wants to buy his dog some doggie sweaters. His dog is a big white goobery-looking boxer (but probably the cutest dog ever). Thoughts on whether doggie clothes are silly or cute?

I want to start writing about men’s clothes. My husband has started asking me about what he should wear. He has a good sense of style already, so I must really be legit now that he’s asked me. I will do some research.

I need a new makeup look. I thought about taking a bit of my Christmas bonus (fingers crossed that I actually get one 🙂 ) and going to the makeup counters at Nordstrom and letting those ladies just paint the town red!

I would really like for Monday to be over. And for a little sunshine. Is that too much to ask?

Coming up this week: a gift guide. And some other posts that I haven’t figured out yet!


2 thoughts on “A Stream of Fashion Consciousness

  1. I would love for you to start doing some men stuff. It will probably be a bit harder, but definitely worth it for those of us who shop not only for ourselves, but for our significant others as well!

    Love the blog!

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