Growing up and going out

This may sound strange, but I’ve found 25 to be a hard dressing age, especially when dressing up for a night out. I am caught in a weird stage between wanting to look classy and mature without looking matronly or too old for my age. Then there is the other extreme of looking too young by wearing flirty tops and too tight jeans. So what is appropriate?

1. A great pair of jeans can do wonders. Dark washes (and black) are normally best for going out. Make sure they fit perfectly and the length is right. Also, when choosing which jeans to wear, I always try to pair a flowey, loose top with skinny jeans and a tight, figure showing top with boot cut to keep the proportions right.

2. Embrace blouses. Gone are the days that I can wear skin tight tank tops. So instead of crying about it, I shifted from tanks, halters and tube tops to blouses. Try sleeveless, strapless (different from a tube top), tie-neck. There are many possibilities!

3. Wear heels that you can walk in. I can’t stand seeing a woman teeter around on heels that she clearly can’t walk in. So if you can’t walk, don’t wear them. Choosing a heel with a platform on the front usually helps out a lot. If you don’t like the platform look, choose a lower heel.

4. Expand your ideas about dresses and skirts. They don’t have to be super short to be sexy. If you wear a dress with cleavage, cover up your thighs. And pencil skirts can be tres sexy.

5. You are never too old for sparkle 🙂 That’s all.

As always, a pop of color in shoes can liven up a neutral outfit!

I love one-shouldered tops!

Green + black. Love it.

See, pencil skirts can be sexy!

This dress is short, but doesn’t expose too much skin on top. A nice mix!

I was inspired for this post by 2 things: my friend Rachel who specifically asked me to post about it (love you Rach! 🙂 ) and also by living it this weekend. I found a great colorful wrap dress at a boutique. The brown/tan/blue print was so outside of my comfort zone, but I went for it. I paired it with a pair of chunky-heeled ankle booties. Normally I think wrap dresses are perfect for the office, but it worked well to wear out. It was fun, yet mature and classy. So not only did I try a new shape, pattern and color scheme, I also inspired my blog post!


4 thoughts on “Growing up and going out

  1. I seriously wish you were closer so you could help me go shopping for clothes. I always plan to pick up something more stylish then get discouraged and leave empty handed. Maybe a shopping trip there is in the future.

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