A Rose and a Thorn

I have a rant today. But I also have a rave. It hasn’t been a great week for me. A dentist appointment (which I usually love) caused me much stress and anguish when I found out I have to get 3 cavities filled. Over 3 separate dates. So I can’t just get them all done in one appointment. I may or may not have cried all the way home from the dentist. Today, I woke up to about 1 inch of snow on the ground, but black ice and untreated roads made for a verrrrrrrrry long commute when it really shouldn’t have been. Frustration.

But that’s really not what my rant is about. I had a negative shopping experience. I bought 2 blazers and a necklace from Forever 21 (please don’t judge). I was in the market for a blush colored blazer and a new navy blazer, but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend a lot on them. So when I found 2 at Forever 21 for under $50, I was sold. I get them about a week and a half later (too long, if you ask me), and realize that I’m just not that into them. So I set off to return them to the store in the nearby mall. The uninterested sales associate informs me that I will be receiving store credit for the return and when I asked for a refund, she looked at me like I had 3 heads and said that they will only accept returns for credit or exchange. And in her snootiest voice goes on to tell me that it says so on the receipt. I shot her the dirtiest look I could muster, accepted my store credit and stomped away. What kind of a store does not accept a return and refund you the money when all items are intact with tags and packaging and I have the original receipt??? I was flabbergasted. And then angry. So I’ve decided to tarnish Forever 21’s reputation on here and will be calling customer service to see if I can sweet talk my way into getting my money back. But if they say no, at least I will have given them a bad name to all of my readers. (although, I wouldn’t blame you if you judged me for shopping there in the first place.)

Let’s move onto my rave because I’ve very excited about it! Jason Wu (extremely talented designer whose designs have been worn by many a celeb – Diane Krueger, Michelle Williams, and Emma Watson, to name a few) has designed a line of clothing and accessories for Target! Do you remember when Missoni did this last year? Well it sold out so fast that I don’t think I ever saw a single Missoni clothing item in a Target store. So I anticipate the Wu collection will be the same way! The items are reasonably priced (every item is under $60) and fun. The collection consists of skirts, tops, dresses, jackets and bags. View the lookbook here.

Some of my favorites from the collection:

So cute! $60.

So pretty and romantic. Blouse: $35, Skirt: $30

I love that blue and the print on the dress! Sweater: $40, Dress: $40

Love the red top! Sweater: $40, Blouse: $27, Skirt: $30

Just the clutch I’ve been looking for! $30.

So cute for spring! $25

The collection hits Target stores and online on February 5th, so mark your calendars! My ONLY criticism of the collection is the lack of pants. But hey, you can’t have everything! I expect it to sell out, so act fast!


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