Color Focus

I’m Blushing

One of the hottest trends on the red carpet for the Golden Globes on Sunday night was dresses in blush tones. Charlize Theron, Sarah Hyland, Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, Julie Bowen, Kristen Wiig, and Jessica Biel were just a few celebs who rocked this soft, feminine color palette. I am a huge fan of the trend and, even though my skin tone doesn’t always allow it, I am always looking for ways to work pale pinks, beiges and taupes into my wardrobe.

So what are some ways to do that? I usually pair it with black. I love the contrast of the soft pink with the harsh black. But you can also pair it with darker shades of beige, taupe and brown. Experiment with other colors that might compliment it well – navy, gray, red, plum, hot pink?

I think if your main outfit color consists of blush tones, go dark or bright with your accessories to offset the paleness. I consider this color palette to be in the neutral family, so try to funk it up a bit with a bright pop of color or keep all your accessories black to make it ultra chic.

Also, another thing to remember, is to pay attention to the actual color. I use the word “blush” but I’m really talking about the soft neutrals. It could be pink, it could be a light tan or even a beige. I think a pop of turquoise would go better with beige or tan than with light pink. And gray might go better with pink. So just play around with it, experiment and take chances in the combinations. If you love it and feel confident in it, you can’t be wrong!

Doesn’t this just scream resort in the middle of the Caribbean?

I like the way the grey and black go with the soft pink!

Instead of a dark brown shoe, you could also try a lighter camel colored shoe and/or bag.

J’adore blush and black. So so much.

I love the soft blush tones. They make me feel so pretty, romantic and feminine. How would you wear them?


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