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V Day: Gift Guide

First of all, apologies for not posting the deets about all of the outfits from yesterday’s post. Polyvore is being a little b**ch, and, as computer savvy as I am (not!) I just could not get it to work. But here is the link to my polyvore site (follow me!) so that you can get all of the info!

There. Now, onto the gift guide!

Like I said yesterday, my hubster and I don’t do big gifts for Valentine’s Day. I usually get him some kind of food or drink or a small token. And I usually get beautiful tulips and chocolate (or giant pretzels). But that doesn’t mean I don’t have ideas for gifts!

Gifts for him

Under $50.

If you’re on a budget but still want to get him something nice, there are tons of options. I may have put these T’s on my Christmas gift guide, but I just love the vintage feel. Perfect for sports lovers:


Personalized pub coasters. $49.95

Cocktail Shaker so he can make martinis and feel like James Bond. $29.95

A cooler/golf bag. To keep his brews frosty. $39.95

Lacoste T-Shirt $49.50

The complete Magic Bullet set for him to make dips and drinks! $49.95

Hot Stuff cookie bouquet. He will secretly love it 🙂 $40

Under Armor jacket $50

Trivial Pursuit – Classic Rock edition $30

$100 & under

The North Face pullover $55

Wireless grilling thermometer $60

Blueray Player $60

Sleek black Boss tie $95

Kindle Touch $99

Poker set $80

The complete Star Wars saga $82

Burberry Brit gift set $57

Digital camera $77


Portable DVD player $120

These Diesel jeans are hot $180

Amazingly comfy Ugg slippers $130

Cool Timex watch $185

The Art of Shaving, $100

Acqua di Parma gift set $120

Over $200

XBox 360 with Kinect (I don’t really know what most of those words mean but I know dudes love it!) $300

iPad2 $500

I didn’t really touch on cologne, but it does make a great gift as well. Just go into Sephora and decide what you like. If you tell him how much you like it, he will definitely wear it 🙂

Phew, ladies, you’re next!!

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