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It’s a Mad World

Mad Men returns March 25th. It seems like an eternity from now. For those of you who don’t watch the show, you may ask if all of the Golden Globe/Emmy/die hard fan hype is really worth it. The answer is a resounding yes. The show chronicles the lives of hot philandering, drinking and smoking men and women whose captivating personalities and deep dark secrets keep viewers guessing every moment of every episode. Hidden identities, secret love children and Don Draper’s shocking handsomeness sometimes make us forget that the show centers around what it was like to work in an advertising agency in the 1960s. A time when cigarettes were just beginning to be investigated as a health hazard. Women were emerging from their roles as housewives and mothers and embracing careers.

The fashion in the show is insanely good (almost as good as the characters and story lines). From pencil skirts to sheath dresses to tie neck blouses, the clothes are hot. And each leading female character has her own way of dressing.


Betty Draper/Francis – The Ice Queen. She always looks perfectly put together, with her icy blond hair perfectly coiffed, matching her persona. She’s the hot mom and wife who is bored of her life as a housewife. But her wardrobe is divine (thanks to both of her well-to-do husbands).

To achieve the Betty look, wear bright colors, prints and pair them with a cold scowl.

I modernized her look a bit here, choosing a form fitting dress rather than an A-line with a bolder print. But this outfit still screams Betty to me. This is how she would dress in the 21st century.

Betty loves to wear pedal pushers, tie waist tops and white sunglasses during the summer months while watching her children play in the yard while gossiping with neighbors about the divorcee that just moved in. Classic Betty.

Joan Holloway/Harris. 2 words: Bomb.Shell. With fiery red hair and a preference for a particular silver fox who is many years her senior, Joan is easily my favorite character on the show. She has a body to kill and always knows exactly how to retort when being disrespected by the men in the office. When she finally marries a man who absolutely not deserving of her spark, she thinks her working days are over. But she always has a place at Sterling Cooper (or Sterling Cooper Draper Price). Particularly in Roger Sterling’s heart. Her wardrobe is my favorite – she showcases her va va voom curves by wearing form fitting pencil skirts, tie neck blouses, bold colors and her signature pen necklace.

Her look is so easy to emulate because she wears a lot of clothes that flatter women with curves. And since there aren’t many women out there with model measurements, her looks are very “real woman” friendly!

Peggy Olson. The Working Gal. Sure, Joan works, but Peggy works alongside the men, competing with them for promotions and higher positions. She has a lot to prove and she does prove it, to Don in particular. They develop a friendship with the realization that they are one in the same. And if the creators ever mess with this friendship by adding a romantic element between the two, they will receive lots and lots of hate mail from avid fans, I am sure. Nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams – not even an I-didn’t-know-I-was-pregnant-with-Pete-Campbell’s-baby situation. Peggy tends to dress more conservatively, with dresses that have long skirts, long sleeves and collars. But she ditches the old ponytail and bangs for a more hip look in the second season. She’s adorable and brilliant.

She dresses conservatively, yet with a bit of style. She has the stylish haircut and always wears fabulous hates (though I sadly couldn’t find any just like them on Polyvore).

This houndstooth is more modern than the plaids she likes to rock. She loves her demure jewelry.

I love a girl who isn’t afraid of a print!

And finally, Trudy Campbell. The Adorable, Oblivious Wife. Poor Trudy. She COULD NOT be more adorable (played by the lovely and talented Alison Brie, also amazing on Community). She has a happy go lucky attitude and thinks she’s found true love in the smarmy weasel Pete Campbell (who I love to hate!). Little does she know that Pete can’t stay faithful to her – whether its with Peggy or the foreign housekeeper next door. But Trudy remains a doting, devoted wife. And the way she dresses – how can it be described other than fun and adorable?

That hat! I love it!

I love the way she wears bright colors and her hair is always perfect! She also has an adorable pregnancy style!

Mad Men has one of the best wardrobes on any show right now (save Gossip Girl maybe). Why oh why do we have to wait 2 more months for it to come back?


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