My saga with Forever 21 has come to a close, but my love/hate relationship with it still remains. Forever. For those of you who don’t know the story, find it here. After I posted angrily, I tried to let it go and forget about it for a little while. And then I decided that time wasted on the phone with customer service with no guarantee of a favorable outcome could be put to better use. So I gave them another shot. I went online and bought a different blush blazer as well as a different navy blazer:


I got them both in the mail this week and like them a lot. So that’s that. I don’t love them, but I think they were worth the $40 I spent. And it’s worth not having to be placed on hold for an infinite amount of time. And it’s definitely not worth turning into a nasty, rude version of myself that I just don’t like very much. So lesson learned – don’t buy from Forever 21 again.

To end the week on a happy note, here are some items I’ve been drooling over lately:

Colored denim. It reminds me that spring can’t be too far away.

Chambray shirt. Denim on denim! Who would have thought?

A jumpsuit. I’m not confident I have the bod to pull it off.

Kate Spade tweed. I love love love this jacket.

Frye boots. I always lust after Frye, but especially now.

This bold Amanda Uprichard dress. It’s so resort-y. So maybe I’m just needing a vacation? Or both. Probably both.

Valentino bow pumps. Because, who wouldn’t?

Happy Friday!!


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