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Spring Trend: Pastels

Nothing says spring like soft, feminine pastel shade. I struggle a lot with pastels because of my paler than pale skin, but I so wish that I could wear them with more ease and effortlessness. The shades of this year’s fashion are soft purples, peaches, blues and especially mint. I resolve to find a way to wear this mint hue without looking like Casper the trendy ghost.

Let’s start by looking at some of the designer examples.

I love Ralph Lauren’s combinations of pastels here.

I loooooove this 3.1 Phillip Lim peach and purple color combo.

Louis Vuitton’s pastel jackets and coats are so fun!

I love how Prada shows the pastels with black, which is my gut instinct.

Prada, again. I like the patterns.

So where  can we find pretty pastels in stores. One of my favorite ways this trend is trending is in denim. I am loving all of the pastel skinny jeans.

These yellow jeans just scream spring to me.


Pink, again. So reasonably priced.

Try it in gingham.

Adorable seafoam blouse.

Opt for a print.

Adorable. Maybe even I could pull this off.

Cool pattern.

I like to pair pastels with neutrals – tan, black, white and various denim washes.

I need this for my next lunch date with my hubby.

This is a great  transition outfit. The sweater is light and, paired with cropped jeans, is perfect for that in between weather.

I am really feeling yellow jeans. I’m trying them on next time I go shopping.

I would try to avoid mixing too many pastels together so that you don’t look like multi-colored cotton candy. Unless you’re a genius pastel shade mixer. If so, maybe you could teach me a thing or two 🙂


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