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Bring on the Neon

It’s funny how 2 trends in the same season can be opposites. Last week, I wrote about beautiful, soft, feminine pastels. And today I’m going to write about bright, vibrant, edgy neon. I love neon. I love it in solids, prints, accessories, shoes.

As usual, let’s look at the designers that made it hot.

Both Peter Som.

Both Christian Siriano, the genius who won Project Runway, Season 4.

Both Nanette Lepore.

Jill Stuart.

Where to find it:

If you have the funds, this Michael Kors dress is amazing.

Try colorblocking 2 colors together.

I love the neon coral.

If you don’t want all over neon in a dress, try neon accents:

I love the bright pink in the middle!

Just a little neon piping.

This dress says futuristic to me, no?

Yes. With a spray tan.

Lovely blue.


I applaud anyone whose behind looks flattering in these jeans.

You can’t go wrong with J.Crew chino shorts, in any color.

See above comment about yellow jeans. I love this romper, though.

Loving J.Crew’s neon.

If you just want a touch of neon, try jewelry, a bag or shoes.

Gorgeous necklace.

Great with all black.

These earrings are $4!

love these bracelets. So many colors to choose from!

Someone take me to an island so I can wear these.

Now these are some heels.

Just a touch.

Cool shoulder bag.

I love this electric clutch.

You can’t go wrong with Kate Spade.

Fun bag!

Now, how to wear it? My advice is, if you’re going to do it, just go for it. If you’re unsure of what colors to try with your skin coloring or your hair color, just think about colors that you already wear that are good on you. If you look good in shades of pink, try a neon pink. If blues suit you, amp up your look with an electric blue. If you are lucky enough to be able to wear yellow or orange, GO FOR IT. Yellow and orange are 2 of my favorite shades in neon. They are so vibrant. I personally love neon coral and neon pink. Neon blue is also in my palette.

There are a lot of ways to wear neons. You can pair one hue with another neon hue. You can wear it with all black. Pair a neon pink with red. But if you are doing neon in your apparel, I would keep accessories neutral.

I also think neons are best for recreational wear – I don’t recommend wearing too much neon to the office, unless you’re wearing subtle neon jewelry. And unless you work in a cool artsy environment.

In most of these looks, I’ve combined at least 2 neon shades together. Because why not?

Michael Kors is a genius. If I can ever afford this hot pink sheath, I will definitely buy it. And I love the pop of orange and gold in the accessories.

I think this is an example of how to do neon in a subtle way. The top is a great neon yellow, but the accessories are neutral and low key. I love that ring.

I love the way coral looks with turquoise, so I thought why not electric blue and neon coral? And I think it works. If you don’t want to wear white pants, dark jeans would also work well here, as would tan pants.

This Diane von Furstenberg top is amazing. The sequins, the color, the cool asymmetrical cut. I think it’s best paired with mostly black to really let it pop. I couldn’t resist the neon earrings though.

I like these looks because anyone can wear them. Since neon can be a little overwhelming, I think it’s best to start out with flattering cuts and then move to more daring shapes. I’m not going to recommend neon jeans. Because I don’t think they’ll flatter me. And I’m a little bitter about that. But I hope I’ve convinced you that neon is fabulous and not scary.

Coming up tomorrow (or the next day if I’m too busy tomorrow): prepster. Not just for college campuses.

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