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Going Green

Ah St. Patrick’s Day. Some will say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Others will say that it’s better than Christmas and birthdays. St. Louis has a big celebration in a neighborhood called Dogtown. This will be my first year attending since it’s on a Saturday. (my husband and many of his friends normally take the day off work if it’s on a week day…which is just a bit too much for me. I’d rather use a day off to shop or go on a vacation.) And since Mother Nature is on our side this year, it should be warm with a slight chance of rain. My only problem is…I have no green! So what in the world am I going to wear?

I feel like I have this problem too often – there is a themed event and I have nothing to wear. Then I scramble around going to the closest stores to my house to try to find something – Old Navy, Marshall’s, Target. And since I normally come up empty handed, I’m not banking on this plan for St. Patty’s day. Tonight, though, I am scouting out our brand new Stein Mart. Not just for green wear. I want to see what this store is all about. Luckily, Old Navy is right next door if Stein Mart is a bust. Old Navy is usually pretty good in situations like these. Maybe I’ll get this:

It would be weather appropriate and cute tucked into some skinny jeans, right?

Or I could channel Betty Draper (new Mad Men March 25th!!!!!!) and pair this top with some pedal pushers and flats.

Cute green printed skirt with a white tank and jean jacket?

I’m feeling this green maxi. I suspect it will do wonderful things to my chest region 🙂

Or perhaps I’ll run to Target and pick up some green jeans to wear with a white tee.

So many options! I suspect I won’t have a problem finding something fab and green to wear! Happy St. Pat’s day everyone! Enjoy green beer and 4-leaf clover shaped foods!


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