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11 Pieces, 7 Days

Bonjour again my lovely readers! It has been a week since my last post and I apologize profusely! I spent a long weekend visiting a friend in the great state of Oklahoma, drove/slept most of the day Monday and then finished off my 4-day weekend by going to see The Hunger Games Monday night. [It was awesome. It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. The costumes were amazing, as were the actors (hellooooooo Gale!) and, while the writers and director took liberties by straying from the book in small ways, I was very impressed with the adaptation. But I’m not a movie critic. For a real review of the film, visit my sister’s blog here after she sees it on Friday. She will really tell you if it’s good :)] And then Tuesday it was back to work and back to reality!

So since I have been so cruel in not posting for a week, I’m giving you a week’s worth of posts, in a way. I see this kind of thing done in fashion magazines, but I thought I would do my own version. It’s a popular misconception that you must have many closets full of clothing to have a great wardrobe. I disagree – it’s not always about quantity, but about quality. Investing in versatile styles and colors can make your wardrobe go a lot farther than buying large quantities of clothing. So I’ve chosen 11 pieces of clothing that can be worn in different ways throughout a week-long period. Full disclosure – I was shooting for 10 pieces, but I just couldn’t live without the last piece. These 11 items can be put together to create career, daytime and weekend looks. My 11 pieces are as follows:

1. Black dress.

2. Boyfriend blazer.

3. Striped tee.

4. Cropped pants.

5. Cardigan.

6. Colorful shorts.

7. Sequin tank.

8. Bootcut jeans.

9. White blouse.

10. Black trousers.

11. Silk blouse.

Now, if you’re trying this experiment at home, don’t feel constricted by my color choices. Besides the black trousers and dress and the white blouse, play with different colors or with colors you already have. If you have a black sequin tank instead of a gold, go for it. If your silk blouse is coral or purple, then don’t go out and buy a pink one! I chose colors that spoke to me. And you should do the same!

*Note: I did not include accessories.

On to Day 1. Probably Monday. Here is a look for the office:

If it’s warm outside, lose the blazer. If you don’t have nude pumps, stick with a basic black patent leather.

Day 2. Another day at the office.

If you don’t want to wear a sequin tank to work, just switch it out for a basic white. Otherwise, button up the cardigan most of the way so just a touch of sparkle shows.

Going to a happy hour after work to beat the Tuesday blues? Just switch the crops for the jeans, lose the cardigan and voila!

Day 3. Back to work. Important meeting with a client.

This look would be great without the cardigan as well. But that color gives it the little pop.

Day 4. Back at work. Wear something colorful since you will probably be disappointed after you wake up, think it’s Friday and then realize it’s only Thursday.

After work, you decide to go out with your significant other for some pre-weekend margaritas and enchiladas.

Day 5. Friday. Go a bit more casual at the office.

Later that night…date night! Whether it’s with your girlfriends or with your significant other, get dressed up!

A dress like this is timeless and classy. To make it less career-ish, pair it with colorful accessories, such as these tangerine accented shoes and a statement necklace!

Day 6. Saturday morning errands.

If it’s too warm, switch the cardigan with a plain white v-neck tee.

It’s time for drinks and dancing with friends, later that night.

And finally, day 7. Start out with a mimosa brunch. (I cheated a bit by using a white t-shirt. But I figure almost everybody has one.)

So there you have it, 7 days of looks, working with only 11 pieces of clothing. Maybe a fun challenge for yourself next week? Shop in your closet and decide which 11 (or go for 10, be braver than me!) items you want to use!


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