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Yay or nay: Floral pants

Bright floral prints are a huge spring trend – in dresses, tops and even pants. Now I am sure I can get on board with dresses and tops. But I’m left wondering if I am really into the floral printed pants.

I could probably give them a try for this price.

I do dig the color and style of these.

Not a huge fan of the blue, but I like the style of the flowers.

No, these look like bad wallpaper.

Maybe. These appeal to my art background because they look like they’ve been painted with watercolors.

Yes. Without a doubt.

The reason I hesitate in being a floral pant cheerleader is the fact that floral pants aren’t going to look good on the majority of women. A loud print isn’t going to do anyone any favors when it’s across your backside. But, despite that fact, I say rock them if you can. Don’t spend a lot of money on a trend like this, though. Buy a pair for under $50. When accessorizing, stick with neutrals or, if you want to be a bit more daring, at least stick with solids. I think if you are going to wear such a bold statement on the bottom, those should be the focus.

What do you think?


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