Fashion and Art: 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala

The annual Met Costume Institute Gala was last night and stars flocked to the famous museum, many in daring and high fashion looks. As per usual with the Hollywood crowd, the good were very good and the bad were cringe inducing.

First up, my best of the night:

Sofia Vergara stunned in this misty gray Marchesa gown. What I love most is that she went outside of her normal color comfort zone [bold vibrant reds, pinks and oranges] and tried something new.

Rihanna looks incredible in this black Tom Ford dress. She is usually so overtly sexy that this slightly toned down look is very welcome. I love the texture of the dress and the beauty in its simplicity. Well done.

Can we say gorgeous? I think this was the most beautiful color on the red carpet. Diana Agron is amazing in this Carolina Herrara gown. The hair and makeup are perfect. My only complaint is that it needs a bit of steaming. But otherwise, perfection.

Jessica Alba may not be known for her acting chops, but she certainly can rock a red carpet. This gold Michael Kors dress is amazing. I love the ruching, the one-shoulder detail and the color. Again, perfect hair and makeup. So classic.

Some might disagree with me on this one, but I am really feeling Elizabeth Banks’ look here. She is wearing a Mary Kantrantzou dress. While I could probably do without the neck/cape part, I love the mixing of the patterns and the colors on her. It’s different, it’s edgy. Kudos for being different.

It’s no surprise that I think Emma Stone looks amazing because she’s one of my favorite young actresses and a budding fashionista [although probably past budding by now and onto full-fledged fashionista status]. She went with this short Lanvin [also the date of the designer] and I love it. It’s bold to do a short dress at such an event and she went for it. It’s cute and fun and young. Which is exactly what Emma is. And while the hair is a little prom-y, I don’t even care.

Jessica Chastain looks incredible in this Louis Vuitton dress. She really has a knack for choosing colors that work well with her skin tone and hair color [or at least her stylist does]. I love the details in the bust and the sparkly stripes all the way down. I’m convinced she would look gorgeous in a paper bag, though.

How about a dude for a change? Ed Westwick looks amazing in his Prada suit. He’s so dapper and studly. And not just because he’s Chuck Bass. Surely you must know what that means.

Cate Blanchett is completely a style icon for me. She 100% dresses for fashion and she just gets it. She looks amazing in this black Alexander McQueen creation. I normally don’t like feathers much, but this is flawless. Her face is unreal as well.

Another head scratcher? I love this because it’s daring. It’s fashion. This McQueen dress is so kooky and different, but that’s who Florence Welch is. She’s a rocker who loves fashion. So I applaud her for taking this risk.

This might be my favorite look of the night. January Jones looks amazing in this lemony Versace gown. I love the bust detail, the hip detail is amazing in that it doesn’t make her look wider and the color is really wonderful. I love that she paired it with turquoise jewelry and a simple, sleek bob. Mrs. Draper-Francis is back!

J’adore Kristen Wiig. I love her choice of color in this Stella McCartney dress, I think it works very well with her darker hair color. I can’t stand her shoe choice [I think a nude pump or strappy sandal would have been much better] but she is hilarious and I can’t get enough of her!

Rooney Mara is as impressive as ever. She looks beautiful in this Givenchy Haute Couture. I love the black lace and the sheer skirt. She is just so cool and edgy and is definitely a fashion icon.

I never thought I would offer up such high praise for orange, but Eva Mendes stuns in the hue. I love love love the bust detail in her Prada dress and the color looks great with her skin tone.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski get critiqued together because they’re so damn beautiful. Both in Calvin Klein, I can’t imagine a more stunning couple. The peachy coral on Emily looks completely to die for. And she has the perfect hair, makeup and accessories, the best being her adorable hubby.

At first I was going to put this look on my worst dressed list, but then I took a second look at it. Diane Kruger looks so incredible in this purple Prada gown. Purple probably isn’t even the right word because that color deserves a more regal name. She is completely wowing me.

Holy body after baby! This Givenchy dress is certainly not my favorite of the night, but I give her huge props for baring a basically sheer dress just weeks after having a baby. Her body is incredible. And her face is just as gorgeous as ever.

While I could go on and on and on talking about who made magic, there are others who failed to impress.

Oh dear, Kristen Stewart. This Balenciaga dress is hideous. Not to mention her hair looks messy and unkempt and those shoes are fugly. Sorry K.Stew.

Jessica Biel’s Prada dress is a definite miss for me. I don’t like the length, I think the top looks ill-fitting and the color scheme is drab. Her shoes aren’t right with the dress. I do like her green clutch, though. JT looks fab in Tom Ford. As to be expected.

Heidi Klum missed the mark in this Escada dress. The color is dull and boring. And this is basically her go-to super short mini with lace over it. Not cute. I think what Heidi needs is a new season of project runway and some fabulous Michael Kors styling advice.

Leighton Meester made a wrong choice in this Marchesa gown. I really like the color but I hate the scrappy looking pieces of fabric on the bottom. And her hair looks messy and face shiny. Get the girl some powder and some hairspray to slick back her hair, pronto! I just don’t think this look does anything for her great body and gorgeous face.

This pains me, but Sarah Jessica Parker made a mistake in this Valentino gown. I love love love her and she is usually so right on when it comes to fashion and red carpets, but this just looks like old lady curtains. Sorry SJP, you’ll do better next time!

Once again, hating to do this. Kirsten Dunst’s Rodarte suit looks old, outdated and matronly. The color is horrible, and the shape does nothing for her. I love Kirsten is a great actress [if you haven’t seen Dick, see it immediately. It’s a parody of the Richard Nixon Watergate Scandal. It’s a must- see] and she deserves better than this.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Prada dress doesn’t do it for me. I actually like the color, but I hate a mullet dress and the side boob is just not what I want to see. Hair and makeup are stunning, though. Gwyn is gorg.

There is no excuse for this hideous monstrosity. Chloe Sevigny has gone off the deep end with this Miu Miu disco couture dress[I guess that’s what it is]. I’m not feeling the mirrors, nor the lack of material. And the boots are completely wrong. Ugh.

This Louis Vuitton dress is a combination of 80s bridesmaid and bad prom. Dakota Fanning – the fashion world is your oyster. You could have any dress you want. Why this? Why?

Christina Ricci failed to impress in this black and peachy Thakoon dress. I can’t decide if I hate the giant shoulder ruffle or the fact that it’s a two-piece skin baring dress. It’s all wrong.

So there you have it for better or for worse. Noticeably absent was my girl Blake Lively. She is usually on the arm of Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld. She’s probably still away on her Canadian adventure with current squeeze Ryan Reynolds. We missed her, though!


3 thoughts on “Fashion and Art: 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala

  1. I don’t mind/sort of like SJP and Kristen Dunst’s looks because they are nods to fashion history. Obsessed with Kate, Florence and especially, especially Emma who has my favorite look of the night!

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