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If I Had A Million Dollars…

What would I buy? Okay, not a million dollars because that’s just unrealistic. But a friend inspired me to consider what I would choose to buy if I had a certain amount of money. [And the title was inspired by a discussion on a re-run episode of Community last night in which the Barenaked Ladies were discussed at length] Only I changed it to what would I buy for X amount of money if that money was only to be used for clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s an interesting thought. Because if I just had $500 laying around I would probably put it in savings or put it towards our next trip overseas [hello, London!]. But if I got $500 on the condition that it would be put towards fashion, what in the world would I buy? Would I try to make the money go really far and try to buy as many things as I could? Or would I focus on one or two luxury items that I’ve been craving? Hmmm…

I’m breaking this down into 3 amounts of money: $250, $500 and $1,000.

If I had $250 to spend only on fashion, I think I would try and stock up on basics and staples. This is because most luxury items that I like are more than $250 and I wouldn’t want to go over my budget. What kinds of staples would I get?

For starters, I would stock up on my favorite tees from Gap. At $19.95 a piece, I would get black, light iris, and minty teal. Total about $60.

Next, I would buy a simple, classic black sheath dress. Something like this dress from Banana Republic or… Price: $120. Total used so far: $180.

This sheath from Ann Taylor. Price: $168. Total used so far: about $210. For the purpose of making my money go further, I will opt for the less expensive dress from Banana Republic. So I’m left with $70.

For my last chunk of money, I would buy a staple shoe, like these Franco Sarto patent flats. Ideely, I would buy them in black, tan and coral. But since they’re $60 and I only have $70 left, I’ll go with coral for a pop of color. $10 left!

And since I only have $10 left, I could buy one of these leather studded wrap bracelets that are just $10 each. So on trend right now and many colors to choose from. I’d choose either the black and silver or the blue and gold.

So for $250 I bought 6 items. Which doesn’t seem like that much. But I got mostly closet staples and a couple of fun items. What does $500 look like? My first instinct would probably try and buy a Kate Spade purse, but unless I buy it on super sale, that $500 isn’t going to go very far. So at this amount, I would try and buy a few nicer items that I wouldn’t normally buy – Kate Spade jewelry, nice jeans, etc.

Kendra Scott earrings. $58. I have been wanting these for some time now [and in yellow and white as well!] and I can never bite the bullet, even when they’re on Gilt Group. So what better time than when I have $500?!

An awesome statement necklace, such as this Kate Spade. When you have a few great statement necklaces to work with, there is no need to buy tons of clothing. Jewelry can work wonders for keeping your wardrobe fresh. $128. Total spent: $186.

I loooooove these coral J Brand skinny jeans. I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale somewhere. But alas they have not! $169. Total spent: $355.

I have had my eye on these Sam Edelman wedges for quite some time. I love the ankle strap, the wedge and the two toned color palette. Price: $120. Total spent: $475. I have $25 left!

These pink chino shorts from J.Crew. I am sensing a pink theme in this list, don’t you? Price: $45.  I went $20 over my budget. Oh well.

 Now onto the fun part. What would I do with $1,000 to buy whatever clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, I want?! I would definitely start with a fabulous new handbag, something I’ve been wanting for a long time now.

The most beautiful red bag ever. Price: $400 at Amazon! [yes, this is the same bag that I had on my birthday list. Within 24 hours of posting on this blog, the bag is sold out. YOU’RE WELCOME NORDSTROM!]

Gorgeous Frye boots that I’ve only ever dreamed about. Perfect color, perfect heel. These are the boots that will last forever. Price: $328.

This amazing large Michael Kors gold watch. They don’t have this one on Amazon 🙂 Price: $250. Total spent: $978. $22 left!

Amazing bright pink studs. $25 on Amazon. I went $3 over 🙂

 So now I am imagining that I bought some of these items. For the $250 category, I think I did a good job of spreading out the money to get some things that I need but also some that I want. For the $500, the jeans were a huge expense, and I’m wondering if I would really wear them for seasons to come?! And for the $1,000 category, I got 4 items. All 4 are items that I would love and cherish for years to come. I found that when I have a lot of money to spend, I would rather invest in some high quality expensive items rather than try and buy a lot of little things for lesser quality. Interesting.

What would you buy for $250, $500 or $1,000 if you have to spend it on clothes/shoes/accessories?!



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