I Heart You.

Is it just me or is there an abundance of hearts all around us? I first noticed it last winter when the illusive J.Crew heart sweater was sold out in pretty much every J.Crew store in the national and online. But now that summer is upon us, I am seeing hearts more and more on tees and blouses. So what do we think? Cute chicness or too sugary sweet?


This emerald peplum blouse by Marc by Marc Jacobs has a very subtle heart pattern. And I really love it.


This heart cardigan from Mango is also cute without being overly cutesy. I would buy it in black though to avoid the impression of a Valentine’s Day top.


This suit is so adorable. I love the colors and the fact that the hearts are small and subtle. This pattern is also available in a 2-piece and a skirt.


Another Marc by MJ creation. I adore this dress.


These pants are great because they give the illusion of being polka dots but then when you get up close you realize they’re hearts. Surprise pants! I would prefer them in a different color scheme, but I still like them.


I like this tank because it looks like someone drew the heart on with charcoal and chalk. It’s like an art project.


This blouse combines the heart pattern trend with the tie neck trend. Excellent.

Judgment time. I like this trend. I like that with the all over heart pattern you get a fun alternative to the classic polka dot. And I like that a big heart across the front of a top is more of a statement piece. As long as it doesn’t look too much like a Valentine’s Day outfit, I’m 100% in support of hearts in fashion. What do you think?


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