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Handbag Quest 2012: Finding the Perfect Summer Handbag

Searching for the perfect summer handbag is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. Cher Horowitz sums up perfectly how difficult it is to find what you’re looking for sometimes. Cher [Clueless, for those of you who missed that important and essential 90s movie] was looking for a boy in high school while I am looking for a great handbag for summer. When I hear the term ‘summer handbag’ I immediately think of a straw bag with brightly colored accents. But a summer bag can go beyond what’s expected. But it should capture the fun and carefree attitude that summer brings.

Now where do you even begin to find this fabulous new summer bag? If you want a bag that you can carry around all summer with every outfit for any occasion, go with a classic shape in a fabulous bright color, like coral or lemon. If you’re looking for a casual summer bag to use on the weekends and for fun summer trips, opt for one of the many awesome and fun totes that are out this year. This is the opportunity to ditch the black handbag and embrace the cool styles for hot summer.

Here are some of my picks for versatile summer bags:

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is so fantastic because the majority of the bag is neutral with just touches of color. Which makes it super versatile but also fresh and fashionable.

Everyone knows that I am in love with coral and think it is the perfect summer color, so this pick shouldn’t be shocking. This shade of color will look great with professional wear but also with a pair of jean shorts and a tank. Fab.

Color blocking is a hot trend and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. This bag combines the color block trend with soft pastels to create a super trendy and versatile handbag.

I think this bag would be great for any season, but the light tan color is screaming summer to me.

I die for this color. Someone go buy this bag immediately.

Another huge bag crush. Because the style of the bag is so classic, you can get away with a daring polka dot!

If you are daring enough to rock a white bag, this is the one.

Love this shade of yellow.

For a casual weekend bag, look for a tote or cross body bag.

This is called the ‘shopper.’ What more proof do you need?!

This may be a bit beachy, but still super cute and the colors are perfect for summer!

More hearts! Hearts everywhere!

I love the colors of this bag!

I love this neutral tote for summer.

I can’t get enough coral! Or Marc Jacobs!

This simple cross body is available in seven colors – many of which are bright and summery!

This is a great cross body, available in green, yellow and pink. A fantastic alternative to a fabulous Kate Spade that I’ve been lusting after.

Yes, coral. Again. Forever.

Show me your summer handbags! And in case anyone is paying attention, T minus 7 days until my birthday! The big 2-6!

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