Summer Guide: The Perfect Look for any Occasion

There are so many fun events during the summer season. BBQs, outdoor concerts, weddings, baseball games, summer date nights. Let me be your guide for what to wear for any or all of these events!

In honor of Memorial weekend, let’s start with a BBQ. I absolutely love BBQs. I love hot dogs, potato salad and s’mores. I love sitting outside [my version of camping] and chatting with friends and family. It’s so nice to have the time to enjoy the outdoors since I am inside so much during the week. So I really look forward to BBQs. Here are some looks that are perfect for such an occasion:

In our fine part of the country, it is hotter than hot. So less clothing is a necessity. Shorts and a tank or strapless top is the perfect combination for a laid back BBQ. Flat sandals are also a must.

If it’s not so hot in your area, be prepared for a chilly evening with a 3/4 sleeved top and shorts.

I love wearing dresses during the summer. And when you’re attending a party that is outside and the heat is on is the perfect time to wear a cute summery dress. Just don’t go too dressy if it’s a casual BBQ.

More occasions to come!


2 thoughts on “Summer Guide: The Perfect Look for any Occasion

  1. DSS, I love the first look and even think some day I could pull off a similar top, but shorts just don’t work for me outside of the gym or the garden. How would you modify and still keep that same breezy, almost retro Marilyn feel?

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