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Stacking bracelets and watches is not a very new trend, but it is certainly one that seems to be sticking. Everywhere, you see women with giant men’s style watches with several bracelets going up their arm, covering the entire wrist and part of the forearm. I love this look. It is a great way to accessorize for the summer with all of the arm-baring clothing. Even though it looks as though a woman just throws on every bangle and bracelet that she has, there is a method to the madness.

Loving this tumblr page.


I think the best approach for creating an arm stack is to start with a watch that you like. While I am unfortunately still waiting to acquire my dream Michael Kors watch, I go watchless in my stack. Someday, though, someday. Next, pick out bracelets that compliment the color of the watch and that compliment each other. Don’t just put on every bracelet in every color that you own. I love the mix of the rose gold and the pink and mint in the bottom right picture. In order to collect lots of bangles and bracelets, I recommend buying in sets. There are so many sets out there and a lot of them are very reasonable.

Amrita Singh has some of my favorite stacks of bracelets and you get so many in a stack. If thin bangles aren’t your thing, go for thicker bangles, like the Kate Spade stack in the top right of the set. If you want some of both, the set from Nordstrom in the top left is just the thing. And I absolutely love the thin bracelets with jewels placed intermittently, like those in the bottom right. Also, my friend Kelly and her sisters run a headband making business and are just exploring bracelets to stack. Visit their facebook site here and buy lots of things from them!

Another idea is to mix different textures, all in the same color or in different colors. For instance, mix metal bangles with some leather wrap bracelets. Gorjana and La Mer make my favorite leather wrist wear, and they are featured on Gilt Groupe, Ideeli, etc. fairly often:

So many color options as well.

This takes care of the watch and a couple of bracelets!

For this trend, I recommend just going for it. The more bracelets the better. Just keep the color scheme in mind and don’t put on stacks of colors that don’t mesh well. But other than that, there is really no wrong way to stack bracelets. Have fun with it!

In other exciting news, I started a tumblr account to share more sparkly fashion. Visit and follow me here!


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