Summer Fashion Faux Pas

Thanks to dermatologists, topical medicines and lovely husbands, I survived the week with just slight swelling, almost invisible peeling and a minor rash. Still not wearing makeup [well, except mascara OF COURSE] I feel good. I guess it’s good to hit rock bottom skin-wise to make you appreciate the look of makeup free skin that doesn’t have a million tiny red bumps on it.

It is going to be HOT this weekend, so before you head out in your daisy dukes and baby oil, check out my list of summer fashion faux pas. The don’ts of the summer season.

1. Daisy dukes are out. Way out. If you want to wear underwear out in public, do it in a bikini by the pool. I never like daisy dukes due to my tendency to have a bit of cellulite on my upper thighs and bum, but I also think they’re tacky. Why would you want a pair of underwear made out of denim?

They aren’t even cute on Jessica Simpson, who played Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard remake. Opt for classier denim shorts instead. Like these:

They’re still short, but they’re rolled instead of frayed and they’re loose on your thighs instead of skin tight. Much more flattering.

 2. Go lighter on your makeup! There is nothing worse than a sweaty, melty face after a fun day at the zoo or a night dining or drink al fresco. If you dare, skip the foundation altogether and just opt for a hint of blush or bronzer on the cheeks, a colorful eyeliner, mascara and a bright lip gloss.




Gloss. Dying for this shade.

3. Don’t leave home in sandals without a decent pedicure. It doesn’t have to be done in a salon nor does it have to be perfect. But they should look presentable. Feet are gross. Therefore, sandals can be gross. If you don’t want to have gross feet in your cute sandals, polish those toes, even if it’s just clear shiny polish.

 Coral is the perfect summer shade!

4. No tube tops over the age of 22. Sorry, ladies, I was once a lover of the tube top, but those days are behind me. Sleeveless blouses are a completely different story, though. Let me show you the difference:

Tube tops are tight and spandex-y against your body.

This classy satin strapless blouse is perfect for those of us who wish to dress sexy without being trashy. Tube tops are very difficult to pull off, so stick with a strapless blouse.

 [Note: strapless dresses are perfectly fine. Just keep it from being skin tight and you’re golden.]

5. If you are going to be in the hot hot heat, avoid shiny fabrics. Your sweat will soak right through that top or dress and everyone will know how hot you are. Not in the good way. On that same note, always wear deodorant in the summertime. Always.

6. Baby oil is not sunscreen. Wear sunscreen. I know it’s super hot and sexy to always have a deep brown tan, but I would be that having pale skin is way more sexy than skin cancer. Wear at least SPF 15. Don’t buy SPF 4, that’s not going to do anything for you except help you burn and brown. And ladies, always always always wear sunscreen on your face. All the time. It will pay you back in dividends when you are older and not leathery.

What are some of your best summer faux pas?

Everyone have a beautiful and fun weekend!


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