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Style Icon: Jennifer Aniston

All of my friends know how much I adore Jen [we are on a nickname basis, yes.] Aniston. I have loved her ever since I started watching Friends and have continued to love her. While her more recent movie choices are extremely questionable [The Bounty Hunter, I’m looking at you], her fabulous style is unwavering. She has a simple way of dressing that suggests she is low maintenance and down to earth but she also has these moments where she is completely glamorous and sexy.

She  can really rock a red carpet. She always seems to stay true to who she is, isn’t afraid to wear black a lot [bless her] and never shows too much.

One of my all-time favorite looks of hers.

Even though she always looks fabulous on the red carpet, I think it’s her street style that I love the most. She loves to rock jeans, tees, blazers and boots. I sometimes try to channel Jen when I’m dressing myself.

Other reasons I sing Aniston’s praises other than fashion? She has a laid-back, effortless coolness about her, maybe having to do with being a California girl. She doesn’t seem to take herself or what she does too seriously – which is a nice trait in a celeb. She has a completely enviable body without being too skinny and is a huge advocate for a balanced diet and exercise, specifically yoga. She has a potty mouth, which is refreshing. She loves dogs. She is altogether lovely.


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