Put a Bird on it!

If you’ve never seen the hilarious indie show Portlandia on IFC, do so immediately. Fred Armisen [a SNL genius] and Carrie Brownstein write and star in the sketch-type comedy show that takes place in Portland with a variety of characters and a whole lotta hilarity. The inspiration for this post is completely from Portlandia [and my sister for reminding me about it!] and the video below:

Put a Bird on it

Watch it. 2 people who go into gift shops and put birds on everything. I love it. If you haven’t noticed, birds are a hot pattern right now. Designs by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Top Shop, Betsy Johnson, and many more feature bird patterns. Some are bright and very obviously birds, while others are subtle, small patterns that could be mistaken for polka dots if viewed far away. Either way, I love this trend and I am embracing birds on my clothing, even though they scare me to death in real life.



Marc Jacobs.


And again. His bird genius knows no boundaries.

Rebecca Taylor.

As someone who doesn’t always embrace prints, I love this trend because it is quirkier than a regular polka dot. Fly away!

Alert: My very favorite gossip girl is starting her press/premiers tour for her new movie Savages [it looks completely crazy and gritty…I haven’t decided if I will see it] so there will be a giant ‘Ode to Blake’ post coming soon to critique all of her looks. I’m sure most will be rave reviews.


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