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Yay or Nay: The Summer Scarf

You might be thinking, who in the world would wear a scarf in the summer? If you’re thinking that, you must live in St. Louis because we haven’t had a day under 92 since about March. [I’m exaggerating, probably since April:)] But, St. Louisans, pretend that you don’t live in the U.S. equivalent of the Sahara and consider summer scarves. Do they really “go” with our shorts, tanks and sandals?

Yes is my answer. If it’s under 90, a light fabric scarf is a fabulous accessory to a summer look. Look for bright colors or a great summer white. Avoid black, navy and dark brown. Aim for a super breezy fabric like linen, thin cotton or even silk [beware of sweating, though]. Here are some great finds:

Kate Spade is making scarves now, and they’re all fabulous. I love this one, but they are all completely wonderful.

I am loving the mint, orange and brown tones in this Amrita Singh scarf. Perfect for summer!

This BCBG scarf is a great color and a cool pattern.

Scarves are a great way to work in a trendy pattern, like this bold floral J.Crew scarf!

This gossamer material is also perfect for summer. Coral for the win!

This scarf from Mango comes in three different color schemes!

I am completely in love with these colors!

The gauze/cotton/linen scarves are perfect for casual weekend wear, while silk is most appropriate for the office or special occasions. Another reason I love this trend – I get so cold in restaurants, stores, office buildings, and scarves keep my neck warm but they can also double as a shawl to keep my arms warm!

The scarf completely makes the jean shorts and t-shirt look you wear to the farmer’s market more fun!

White jeans + colorful scarf is a great date night outfit!

Obsessed with this KS scarf. It’s similar to one I got on clearance at Nordstrom last year. Tip: buy summer scarves at the end of the summer šŸ™‚

Nothing beats a brightly colored Pucci silk scarf…except maybe a brightly colored silk Hermes scarf!

If you don’t want to wear your scarf on your person, tie it to your handbag to summer-ize it! Especially if you carry a basic black, white or beige bag!

What do you think?

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