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Dress to Impress

When you’ re getting dressed in the morning, who is it that you’re trying to impress? Some of you may say nobody, that you don’t care who you impress as long as you’re happy with yourself. If that’s actually true, good for you! But some of us feel like style has the potential to blow someone’s socks off. To give a fabulous first impression to someone you are just meeting, someone you have great respect for or even someone you haven’t seen in ages.

I’ve said many times that I try to dress for me, for my body type and for the styles that I like, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to impress people. The biggest secret to impressing people with how you dress is this: wear whatever makes you feel like your most _______ self. Fill in the blank. I try to exude confidence so I try to dress so that I’m my most confident self. If you’re going on a first date, you might want to dress so that you’re your most sexy self. Etc. It may be different for any event. The point is, dressing to impress is all about what image you want to project. If you’re trying to be your most confident self, then wear clothes that fit great, accentuate your assets and hide your flaws. Colors that work great for your skin and shoes that you can walk tall in. Because when it comes down to it, all fashion really is is finding the trends, styles and shapes that work best for you.

I started thinking about this topic as I was deciding whether or not to return to my hometown to attend their giant German festival this weekend. A touch of panic set in as I basically haven’t been home since I graduated 8 years ago and I began thinking ‘will anyone remember me?’ ‘will people be nice, friendly, etc?’ ‘does everyone hate me?’ My knee jerk reaction is to plan a great outfit so that I feel confident and like my most super self. If we go. We haven’t decided.

I have a few go-to items/styles when it comes to dressing to impress. The first is a great pair of jeans – usually skinnies. Paired with a fun and flowy blouse, this look says effortless but still put together.

Since it is about 99 degrees everyday, a great pair of jeans wouldn’t be a viable option for this weekend, so I would have to try something else.

J.Crew chino shorts are the only shorts that I feel awesome in. They aren’t too short, they are flattering for my behind and work well with a wide variety of tops.

A third choice is a sundress. Summery dresses are confidence boosters because they are usually brightly colored and usually loose and flowy as opposed to some form-fitting sweater dresses for winter. Choose a neckline that is flattering on you and don’t go super short and you’re good to go!



What do you feel your most fabulous in? Obviously, these looks would all be different for work attire. But for summer weekend wear, I can’t get enough of skinny jeans, J.Crew shorts and summer dresses!




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