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Hard Decisions

Fashion is full of hard decisions. I am contemplating buying 2 different pairs of fabulous wedges at great prices for vacation! Why only 1 pair? Because that’s the compromise. Saving money is super important to myself and my husband I try very hard not to overindulge in clothing, especially when the vacation is so close I can just taste it! So now I’m trying to choose 1 pair of wedges to take and one pair to remain on my wanted list. So, you help me decide.

1. Steve Madden coral wedges:


Pros: Love the color! I also love the criss-cross of the straps in front. Another pro? They’re only $39! That’s a great price for Steve Madden wedges.

Cons: I’m just not sure about the material. I usually prefer leather or canvas wedges, but I might be willing to try something new. Also, will coral even be in style next summer?!

2. DV by Dolce Vita.

Pros: Great color, super versatile! Leather.

Cons: A bit boring. Not as exciting as the coral pair.

For my sanity, it would probably be best not to buy either. I’ve gotten a bit dramatic and actually told my husband that if I didn’t buy them I might actually die. So maybe I shouldn’t fuel the crazy any more. Or maybe I should just buy both and return the pair I like less. Or if they are both fabulous, keep them both.

*Disclaimer: I know this isn’t a hard decision, in real life. Many people make way harder choices daily. But when you’re trying to be sensible with budget, saving for a vacation all while trying to look fabulous at all times, this becomes a difficult choice.

Which should I choose?!


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