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Bold Burgundy

As promised, this is a post entirely dedicated to the fabulous burgundy trend and some ways to wear it. I previously discussed how big burgundy was on the runway here and about how much I love it here. I love the richness of the color and how it just screams fall and winter to me. It is dark but it is beautiful and just so happens to look go against pale skin. Hallelujah. Whether you’re looking for just a pop of burgundy or the entire outfit, there is a wide variety of burgundy dresses, tops, tights, pants, shoes and bags. So you can find your perfect burgundy item. [A burgundy shift is totes on my shopping list]


Gucci. OMG

I’ll be first to say that burgundy can be a difficult color to work with. Because it has red and purple AND it’s dark, it’s hard to find the perfect color to wear with it. I like to use gold, white, ivory, gray and black for neutrals and pink and mustard for colors.

This is the exact burgundy dress I need. Paired with neutral accessories and a patterned scarf, it is the perfect look for work.

And for a more fun look, a pop of pink looks great with it as well!

So if you choose a burgundy skirt, pair it with burgundy tights for a monochromatic look.

As with any color no matter the season, it looks fab with jeans.

Gray is a great pairing as well.

Loving burgundy with mustard! And these boots are cool.

Burgundy screams fall to me and it also transitions very easily into winter.


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