It is finally Friday! We all deserve a laugh. With the random shooting in our community last weekend and the Empire State Building shooting this morning, I think it’s fair to say that it’s okay to lighten the mood. I think it’s good to have empathy and sorrow for the senseless violence that rips our nation and others but there is nothing wrong with using laughter as a coping mechanism.

I see so much funny stuff on Pinterest. The kinds of things that make me laugh out loud. And there are always hilarious YouTube videos 🙂

Could JT be any funnier?!

Any Friday Night Lights fans out there? All of Tammy Taylor’s y’all! Perfect!

Arrested Development chicken dance. Hilarious.

My very favorite scene from my very favorite episode of Parks & Recreation. Comedy doesn’t get much better than that!

❤ Texts from Hilary!

Just can’t get enough Harry Potter humor.

LOVE this picture.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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