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Fall Office Style

I disappeared for almost 2 weeks, but now I’m back, rested and ready for fall! I am a little rusty, so I took to facebook to see what my friends want to read about for fall and I had a lot of great responses. So many good ideas! My friend Samantha requested a post on how to look professional and polished at the office while still keeping up to date with trends. GREAT TOPIC! As I’ve said many times when I’ve written about work wear, it can be a tough balance between looking professional and being stylish. But there are so many ways to work current trends and styles into your business wardrobe!

When I’m dressing for work, I usually abide by formulas. Meaning I have certain looks that I put together, but mix it up with trendy colors, shapes and styles. This is a great way to work in trends! Instead of a simple black pencil skirt, opt for a [faux] leather one. Forgo the traditional button up blouse and swap it for a tie-neck or peplum. Mix in gold and baroque inspired accessories. And wear lots and lots of tights! Here are my basic formulas:

1. Pencil skirt + blouse + cardigan + tights + pumps. If you have a strong basic work wardrobe, this combo creates endless possibilities! If you want to work in a trend here, opt for a leather pencil skirt. Or get a burgundy cardigan to work in that trend.

Fall Work 1

Long sleeve top
$405 – bymalenebirger.com

H M sleeveless top
$21 – hm.com

H M lace stocking
$11 – hm.com

Amrita singh jewelry

Oasis diamond teardrop earrings
$19 – oasis-stores.com
The skirt above is leather, but check out these faux leather options – they are much more affordable!
The Limited, $70
Forever 21, $18
Classiques Entier at Nordstrom, $134, originally $268
This skirt formula also works well for fuller skirts, so if pencil skirts aren’t really your thing, go for a fuller style, making sure that the length is office appropriate!
Fall Work 2

H M sleeveless shirt
$13 – hm.com

Pleated skirt

Black stocking
$45 – pret-a-beaute.com

Oasis stone jewelry
$41 – oasis-stores.com
This skirt is fabulous if you want to bring some burgundy into your work wardrobe. I NEED this skirt!
2. Skinny pants + blouse + blazer + flats. It’s like a suit that’s not actually a suit because the pants and blazer don’t need to match. I like to wear flats with my skinny pants, but heels most definitely work well too! For this formula, mix it up with a floral blouse or something gold or brocade!
Fall Work 3

A Wear polka dot shirt
$49 – awear.com

Blonde Blonde tweed blazer
$62 – bankfashion.co.uk

Kate Spade gold shoes

Beige handbag
$300 – debenhams.com

J Crew j crew
The pants above are Theory, which I absolutely adore, but aren’t exactly affordable for me! So here are a couple of other slim trouser options:
Vince Camuto at Nordstrom, $80
Zara, $60
Mango, $45
Fall Work 4

TIBI peplum top

$390 – veryeickhoff.com

Tote handbag

Tory burch

Skinny or slim pants just scream modern working woman to me, so definitely give them a try! They can also be cute with booties!
3. Dress + tights + ankle booties. Flats and pumps also go well with dresses and tights, but I like to wear my ankle booties while I can! This is an awesome opportunity to wear your fun tights, too! If you choose a simple silhouette and a neutral color, have some fun with bright or textured tights!
Fall Work 5

Jigsaw linen dress
$130 – jigsaw-online.com

Boyfriend cardigan

Floral tight

Tory burch

Amrita Singh owl jewelry

Amrita singh
I basically need this entire outfit. I think that as long as your tights aren’t fishnets or have huge holes in them or are in any other way trashy, fun tights are very acceptable for the office!
Fall Work 6
Fall Work 6 by egentry featuring dkny

L K Bennett asymmetrical dress
$365 – lkbennett.com

Alice Olivia tweed jacket


Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Fun tights don’t have to be in a color! If you aren’t feeling super adventurous, try a tan tight with a cool pattern!
Um so obviously by all of this you can assume that I always look 100% polished and put together every single day at work, no? Please. I don’t work for a fashion magazine or a fashion designer, so the pressure to look stylish and trendy isn’t there. But I do try and put together professional and pulled-together looks, incorporating trends that I like.
Here are some other items to consider mixing in with your work wear:
Black & white is huge for fall, and I love all of the b&w houndstooth out there right now! This skirt is only $25, at JCPenney.
Gold can be a tough trend to wear at work, so try a gold blouse or tank under a blazer or cardigan for just a touch of shine, like this L.K. Bennett tank.
I love the luxury feeling you get from a brocade garment, but it can be very expensive and not always apropos for work. This J.Crew skirt is a little out there with the print, but I love the colors! $120.
Because they are collared, peter pan tops are great for work! I like this J.Crew sweater, but there are also a lot of blouses with the collar as well! $90
If you’re not into an entire leather skirt, try an item that has leather on it, like this top from Nordstrom. Perfect with slim pants and pumps! $88
For just a bit of sparkle, opt for a top with an embellished collar. If you want to only show the collar, layer a crew neck sweater over it!
What other trends are you incorporating into your professional wardrobe? Do share!

3 thoughts on “Fall Office Style

  1. Omg- you make these trends totally wearable looking. It was tough shopping in Chicago this weekend because the European stores only seem to have crazy out there stuff that only works for size 2 in a very progressive office. LOVE some of these blazers and will be purchasing! Also, need to take a close look out there for skinny office pants that aren’t for twig legs. Love the looks! Thanks girl!

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