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Cool in Corduroy

I decided last night that it is time to switch my closet over from summer to fall/winter. [One day I hope to have enough clothing/shoe/accessory space in my bedroom to not have to do this – my BFF Meaghan has promised to build me the closet of my dreams…hopefully in exchange for baked goods and free fashion advice 🙂 ] As I was unloading my winter bins, I came across my favorite black skinny cords, as well as my plum bootcut cords, both from Gap. I love these pants and wear them A LOT in the fall and winter. The skinnies are perfect to wear to work if you’re in a jeans mood but they don’t allow jeans. And they go really well with my booties! But I think that corduroy gets a bad rap. And I’m here to set the record straight – corduroy is not “geeky” or “nerdy.” In fact, corduroy pants are a hot trend for fall. I might even go as far as to say that skinny cords are the new skinny jeans. GASP. 🙂

I don’t think there is a real trick to wearing corduroy. Because the shapes are so similar to jeans, just make sure they fit really well – in the waist, hips and the length. That will ensure that your cords are interchangeable with your favorite jeans. My favorite cords over the last few years have been Gap, and I still stand by them! The only thing about their selection this year is that they’ve replaced their skinny cords with legging cords. As an outspoken hater of jeggings, I’m not a fan. But if you don’t mind jeggings, go for it! I can absolutely vouch for their bootcut cords, though, and this year they are available in a wide array of colors!

They are so great to wear with boots!

For the price of these H&M cords, branch out and get them in a color, like this cobalt-y blue!

This pair by BCBGeneration remind me of the ’70s. Love the burgundy!

Again, for the price of this pair at Target, opt for a bold yellow!

LOVE these gray skinnies by Hudson!

Cords are in abundance in most stores I’ve been to in the past month or so. Find a pair with a great fit and in a color you love and starting switching up your jean routine!


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