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The Luxury List

I am a firm believer in bargain hunting. I am a sucker for that ‘extra 20% off sale’ email that I get every now and then from J.Crew and the anniversary sale that happens every fall at Nordstrom. But there are those items that will never go on sale. I know that I will never have all of these luxury items that I desire. But I’ve decided to put together a sort of luxury wish list that I can refer to in the off chance that my husband and I have a large surplus in our account. Or for when I get a good end of the year bonus. Or if I’m able to lose that 10 pounds. Or if there is a gift giving occasion where we decide to spend more money on each other [ahem, 3 year anniversary :)]. The point is, it’s fun to have those few items that cost more than 2 car payments combined. Something to work hard for, to save up for. So I’ve compiled my list. It isn’t short.


The Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. At $790, it’s absolutely a luxury item but still under $1,000. Win!

The classic Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane. I fell in love with these shoes when Carrie discovered they weren’t an urban shoe myth. I would prefer black, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to nude. They are perfect. $645

The Valentino bow pump.  I’m not a huge bow lover, but these are flawless. $745.

Burberry trench coat. Do I need to go on? This one is on sale for $650! What a steal! 🙂

Kate Spade classic oval-toe nude pumps. At only $300, these could be doable in the near future 🙂

Kate Spade fit & flare dress. These dresses are so adorable. And they are so “me” I can barely stand it. $450

A Chloe handbag. At $1,900 this is probably the biggest longshot on the list, but with the help of Ruelala and Gilt, it may happen one day.

A DVF dress. If anyone knows how to design for a woman’s body, it’s Diane. $370

A Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag. $480

Brian Atwood pink platform pumps. The 3 p’s. And the 4th is perfection. $595

A Pucci scarf. To tie around my purse, wear around my neck or even as a head scarf. I love the patterns and colors! $390

A Prada clutch. Any Prada bag, really, but I especially love the clutches. $360

And finally, the Louboutin leopard pump. I think red soles and leopard calf-hair are the most splendid combination. $995

That makes 13 items total. And I’m too scared to add up the total. A girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂 What is on your luxury list?


4 thoughts on “The Luxury List

  1. I am so doing this. Maybe now. I will say that I think it’s probably a human rights violation for you not to own a fit and flare KS dress, Burberry Trench or MB Mary Janes. In the near future.

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