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Mad about Plaid

I’ve been in denial about my love of plaid shirts. But I can’t deny it anymore – I am a huge fan of plaid shits for fall this year! Last week my friend Rachel asked me about what kinds of shirts to wear for fall and I told her that plaid is perfect for casual wear! They are perfect with jeans or leggings or layered under sweaters and jackets. I am not sure if I’m scared of looking like a lumberjack, but that is not at all a problem – there are lots of color combos that do not involve red and black. And in order to avoid looking like a cowgirl, if that’s your hesitation, pair the top with dark jeans and no jean skirts 🙂

Another upside to wearing plaid is that a lot of the styles are made of flannel and can keep you warm and toasty! Here are some of my favorites:

C&C California. I love this purple!

J.Crew. Patriotic.

Target. More purple!




Madewell. Favorite!

Pair a plaid shirt with skinny jeans and flats or a pair of bootcut jeans with some chunky heeled ankle booties. Tuck in the front and leave the back untucked. If you want to layer, add a chunky sweater over your plaid shirt. What are some of your favorite ways to wear plaid?


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