Happy Halloween!

I’ve declared today ‘eat candy for every meal’ day, so I’m doing just that. I had a kit-kat breakfast, will have a Reese’s lunch [with a side of spaghetti] and a Skittles dinner. And tomorrow will be declared ‘go visit your dentist’ day. In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share a pic of myself and my husband in our amazing Holly Golightly [me] and Ace Ventura costumes! We visited our friends Meaghan [who dressed as a ‘binder full of women’ and who is so talented she MADE Mark’s tutu] and Chase [aka Honey Boo Boo] and went to a super fun costume party!

The only thing that would have made this picture better would be if you could see Mark’s boots. They’re amazing.

I dare say tiaras suit me. We aren’t recreating the costumes this evening, but are going to a fun get together with friends! There will be much candy and pumpkin beer, I am sure!



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