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DSS Holiday Gift Guide: Part II

Men are hard to shop for. I always have the hardest time coming up with gift ideas for my husband, brother and father. My bro is kind of into clothes so I can usually pick something out for him. But what is it that makes it so hard to shop for men? Well, the men in my life typically say they don’t want or need anything. Which I think is silly. Everyone wants something. It’s human nature. So why not just give a girl a break and give me ideas?

If the dudes in your life are nice enough to supply you with lots of ideas, you are lucky! But for others who have to guess, here are some of my ideas that have been pretty fail safe:

Clothing and Accessories

Non-iron shirts. If your guy has to wear collared shirts to work, he will LOVE non-iron!

Thermal tee. These are great for winter and will get him out of his old fraternity tees [ahem, to no one in particular].

A Polo sweater. Men love the iconic pony emblem.

Leather gloves. These are by L.L. Bean.

A subtle scarf. Most men don’t want something bright and flashy. But a nice neutral scarf is a great gift! Polo.

A parka [Eddie Bauer]…

or a pea  coat. I think coats make great gifts! Gap.

Nice dress shoes – a necessity for every man. Ted Baker.

Super cozy slippers. He will thank you for these.

PJs. Always a good gift. Merona at Target.

Socks! J.Crew. We are stocking our stockings with stockings this year. Tights for me, socks for him 🙂

Novelty tees. Like this Ron Swanson tee!

Men’s Grooming

“The Perfect Shave” by the Art of Shaving.

A cologne set!

A case for all of his beauty products! By Jack Spade.


A book series. Game of Thrones is a favorite of Mark. [and I’m a fan of the show!]

Superhero movies. The Dark Knight Rises comes out December 4th and The Amazing Spiderman just came out!

The complete series of his favorite TV show. Any Boy Meets World fans out there?

Sign him up for a magazine he loves! ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, etc.

A Kindle! Or Nook. An e-reader is so nice to have!

A Watch

Michael Kors.


Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Kenneth Cole.

Alcohol Supplies

Whiskey Stones – for your “on the rocks” drinks in place of ice! Genius! No melting! [my sis got these for Mark and he LOVES them]

An electric wine opener. Every wine drinker needs this!

A beer tender. By Krups.

A home brewing kit!

And those are my ideas for men. I told you men are very difficult to shop for! Any ideas for men of your own? Share in the comments!


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