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DSS Holiday Gift Guide – Part III

Tired of the gift guide yet? There are a few additional gift ideas I have that aren’t specific to men or women!

1. Restaurant gift cards. Especially for couples! We do this a lot for couples that we buy gifts for! Pick one of your favorite restaurants and get them a gift card. It’ll encourage them to try a new place [assuming they haven’t tried that place before]. I am all about trying new restaurants. It’s like one of my favorite hobbies.

2. iTunes gift card. If your recipient is a music lover, this is a great gift! Whenever I get an iTunes gift card I am always super excited because sometimes I’m just too darn cheap to buy the entire album [with the exception of Taylor Swift’s album, Red, because it’s Taylor. Gotta buy it!]. This makes a great stocking stuffer!

3. Monogrammed items. I am not a huge fan of the monogram [even though my monogram looks awesome, if I do say so], but some people LOVE having everything monogrammed. So if you are buying for someone who loves cooking [and also loves the art of the monogram] get them a monogrammed apron! Or for a new mom, a monogrammed baby bag. People love their initials, I’m telling you.

4. FOOD GIFTS. I am obsessed with sending and receiving food gifts. I’m talking mostly about sweets here. I like to send my friends some yummy stuff from Williams Sonoma [I ❤ peppermint bark!] or Crate & Barrel [try the sea salt caramels!] every year. But if you want to go beyond that, check out Harry & David for their vast selection of food gifts. Seriously, people love food.

5. Coffee table books. Some of my very favorite gifts have been coffee table books. So tune into what the recipient’s interests are, and go from there. Barnes & Noble always has a great selection of coffee table books, as does Amazon. [But, in my opinion, browsing at Amazon is hard because they have so much! So if you have a particular title in mind, check out Amazon. Otherwise, get ideas at B&N.] Here are some of my favorites:


Everyone should know more about art!

For the fashion lover.

For the traveler.

I also suggested that I would maybe do a gift guide for children, but I have no idea what to buy kids. I usually opt for clothes that are adorable and small and hope that the mom likes them. As for toys, are Barbies still popular? Yeah, go with Barbies. And Legos are always a hit 🙂


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