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Glove Love

I have been in a constant state of cold for the past 4 days. It is very chilly in the mornings and my 1 block walk to the office may as well be 10 blocks. So what better time to look for some new, super warm but super chic gloves?

There are many types of gloves:



Levi s levi s


Mango knit glove

$655 –

Kate spade

French connection

Ted baker
$94 –

Oasis fingerless glove
$22 –

Ugg australia
Some of these are meant for warmth while others are meant more for fashion. Take the rhinestone gloves by Kate Spade, for example. They are so cute, but are they going to be super warm? No. You will look fabulous, though 🙂
Fingerless and glittens I believe were created solely for the purpose of using smart phones. Because you can’t text while you are wearing gloves! Unless you buy tech gloves. But I refuse to buy into that nonsense. You can take your dang glove off if you need to send a text. Am I right?
I am a huge fan of leather gloves. I think they look sharp and chic. They should be worn with a nicer coat, like wool or cashmere. If they are worn with a puffer they might look a bit off. Same with the fur cuffed  gloves which I also LOVE.
The real winner in this bunch, though, is the studded pair by Burberry. They are fabulous and if I had the extra money I would definitely buy them. They are flawless.
Knit gloves, like the mittens, cable and glittens can be worn with any type of coat out there! While the leather, animal print, rhinestone and studded are more dressy.
What are your favorite kinds of gloves to wear? I’m hoping for a pair of rhinestone or leather for Christmas! 🙂

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