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The Need for Tweed

Tweed is a quintessential winter staple. Tweed is a wool fabric that is soft in texture and most widely used in outerwear because of its durability. But it isn’t just used for warmth and durability – it is a major staple for the winter months. Some may label it ‘geek chic’ and pair it with their Mary Janes and their adorkable plastic glasses. But in a bright color it can be playful and fun and in a dark hue, chic and sophisticated. The most common tweed items are usually blazers, skirts and outerwear. I personally love a tweed blazer and a tweed miniskirt. Here are some of my top tweed picks:

j.crew tweed skirt

This J.Crew skirt is a great way to add some color into your winter work wardrobe!

Topshop tweed pants


Armani tweed jacket

Armani. Love this jacket!

Kenzo skirt

Kenzo miniskirt. With textured tights and ankle booties!

Target tweed jacket

Target blazer. Bargain find!

Zara cardigan

Zara cardigan. So cozy with lounge clothes or pair with skinny trousers for work!


DVF dress. Favorite!

Pim+Larkin tweed blazer

Pim+Larkin tweed blazer.

Rebecca Taylor jacket

Rebecca Taylor. [Slightly obsessed with tweed jackets, can you tell?]

What I love about a tweed jacket is that it can be paired with jeans and jewels for a night out or a pair of slim trousers for a day at the office. Here are 2 ways to wear a classic tweed jacket:

Tweed 1

A great date night outfit!

Tweed 2

Fabulous with a dress or pencil skirt!

What’s your take on tweed?




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