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Sparkle Week

I just wrapped up a wonderful early Christmas weekend with my mama, brother, sister, dogs, friends, etc. It came at the perfect time as the Connecticut school shooting had deeply saddened my spirit and it was a reminder that we need to cherish family, friends and life. It was a whirlwind weekend that flew by, but it was a beautiful weekend filled with food, laughter, gift-giving and reminiscing. In short, it was the perfect start to the Christmas festivities. Coming into the week before Christmas I am feeling great. I am loving my new job [and finally got a desk and computer on Friday after only 3 weeks of working there!:)], am done with Christmas shopping and baking and am just exuding sparkle in every way. So what better way to prepare for Christmas than dedicate an entire week to sparkle? So look forward to that coming up!

But for this evening, I’ll leave you with 2 photographs of things I’m excited about from this weekend!


These are hand-knit leg warmers that my sister made me. She is a brilliant genius in the art of knitting and crocheting. She is currently taking orders and does brilliant work on scarves and hats especially 🙂

Lola dog bowls

It’s no secret that my dog is a princess, so it was so fitting that my mom got her these food and water bowls for Christmas. She got them from a vendor she orders from in her store in my hometown [see their FB page here!] and they could not be more perfect. They were so perfect, in fact, that Lola refused to drink water out of the old bowl after she got this one. She’s such a little diva.

Stay tuned for much much sparkle in the coming days, including sparkle flats, beauty, apparel, and more! Happy Sunday everyone!


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