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I don’t remember the last time I was drawn to a makeup that didn’t have a shimmer to it. So it’s only fitting that my 2nd Sparkle Week post is about shimmery makeup. Whether it’s eyes, cheekbones or lips, the shinier, the better 🙂 So here are my top shimmer picks, courtesy of Sephora.

Bare Minerals eye shadow


Bare Minerals palettes are amazing. I can personally vouch for the quality of this product. If you’re unsure how to utilize the 4 colors of the palette, here are my pointers: The light color on the top left should be applied on the lid and on the brow bone. Next, use the bottom left color in your crease. Next, use the top right color all over the lid. And finally, use the bottom right as the eyeliner. Be sure to have a great blending brush to make sure the colors are all blended!

Bobbi Brown eye shadow

Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eye shadow. Another favorite of mine! Not only do these shadows last forever but they go on so smooth and are great for layering colors! Favorite!

Bobbi Brown eye shadow2

Bobbi Brown sparkle eye shadow. I haven’t tried this yet, but it is definitely on my must-have list!

Sephora eye shadow

Sephora collection eye shadow. This is a fantastic price and I love the Sephora collection line!

Sephora eye liner

Sephora collection sparkle eye liner. I need to try this. Perfect for the holidays!

Nars blush

Nars blush. My very favorite! So shimmery and pretty!

Dior blush

Dior blush. I need it. In this exact shade.

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. If you take anything away from this post, this should be it. It’s fabulous on cheekbones, chin, nose, chest, shoulders, etc. Put it everywhere. [okay, maybe not everywhere] I’ve also been known to use the individual color strips as eye shadow! Buy it. It’ll change your life.

Guerlain blush

Guerlain liquid blush. I haven’t tried this but it’s highly rated on Sephora and I do love a good liquid blush!

Dior lip gloss

Dior Addict lip gloss. I’ve heard wonderful things. Shiny.

Laura Mercier lip gloss

Laura Mercier lip gloss. One of my favorites. It’ll make your lips super shiny/shimmery/glossy.

YSL lip gloss

YSL shimmer lip gloss. Also on my must-try list!

Clinique lipstick

Clinique shine lipstick. An oldie but a goodie! I wore this in my high school days!

Dior lipstick

Dior Addict lipstick. I’m Addicted to Addict lip products. [so clever.]

Sephora nail polish

Sephora by O.P.I. nail polish. Try this gold glitter over a solid black polish!

Sephora glitter spray

Sephora glitter spray. For super shimmery hair/body!

Nars illuminator

Nars body illuminator. Great for the summer months to spread on arms and legs!

What are some  of your favorite shimmery beauty products?!



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