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10 Things I Love About Anthropologie

I am a long time fan of Anthropologie. Anthro carries a wide variety of clothing, shoes and accessories but also sell things for the home. I find that when I walk into an Anthropologie store, I come out empty handed but wanting every piece in the store. [One thing I DON’T love about Anthropologie is the prices – it makes buying everything very difficult!] I don’t really feature items from Anthropologie too often on this blog, and that is going to change! The merchandise is a wonderfully mixed bag of classic pieces and shabby chic vintage items. I love it. And here are my top 10 reasons:

10. The dresses. Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to look for dresses. You can find a dress for any event under the sun. Weddings, showers, nights out! They always have a huge variety in a wide range of prices.

Anthropologie_lace dress

Anthropologie_mint dress

Anthropologie_maxi dress

9. The skirts. Anthro sells mini, maxi, full, pencil and midi skirts, but I admire their selection of full skirts the most.

Anthropologie_full skirt

Anthropologie_full skirt2

Anthropologie_full skirt3

8. The PJs. Some of their pajamas are super cute while others are just plain cozy. The shorts set below I adore while the pants under them make me want to curl up and stay in bed all day.


Anthropologie_lounge pants

7. The swimwear. Perhaps my favorite category that Anthro sells. I absolutely love their selection of retro styles and patterns. They also carry some of my favorite 1-pieces every single summer.



Anthropologie_swimwear 3

6. The jewelry. From statement necklaces to beautiful drop earrings, the selection at Anthropologie is huge. I love their selection of watches.




5. The sale. Even though I whine relentlessly about not being able to afford anything at Anthro, their sale makes their pieces way more affordable! Everything below is on super sale and they even offer additional 20-30-40-50% off from time to time. So I guess Anthro is more affordable than I let on at the beginning of this post 🙂

Anthropologie_sale dress

Originally $148, on sale for $80

Anthropologie_sale blouse

Originally $78, on sale for $40. NEED.

Anthropologie_sale sweater

Originally $98, on sale for $20

Anthropologie_sale blazer

Originally $148, on sale for $40. Again, NEED.

Anthropologie_sale necklace

Originally $88, on sale for $40

4. The gift shop. If you are looking for a gift for a friend, mom, sister, cousin, etc. Anthro is a great place to look! They have a special section on their website dedicated to gift ideas and they are all unique and beautiful. Gift cards also work. 😉




3. The home decor. I wish I could decorate my entire house with Anthropologie linens, pillows, towels, kitchen utensils, kitchen tools, furniture…well, you get the idea. Check it out for shower/wedding gifts for people, as well as house warming gifts!





They have an awesome selection of doorknobs! Great for dressers and side tables.



I have a thing for plain white dishes. These are fabulous.

2. The shoes. I specifically love the flats.






1. The patterns. I am usually a solid color type gal, but Anthropologie inspires me to embrace patterns. I absolutely adore the blouse pattern below.

Anthropologie_pattern dress

Anthropologie_pattern blosue

Anthropologie_pattern pants


Lastly, I completely love the stores themselves. They are warm and inviting with antique looking furniture and shabby wooden floors. The colors are also warm. And I love the organization – home decor right next to party dresses and beautiful colors and patterns everywhere.



So what is your opinion on Anthropologie? Shall I feature it much more prominently on the blog? And who is going to gift me an Anthro gift card? 🙂

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