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Pack Your Bag and Fly Away

Is there anything better than a well deserved weekend getaway? I think not. Leaving behind your daily routine and discovering a new place is one of life’s greatest treasures. I love to travel and, admittedly, haven’t been doing much of it in the last couple of years. But we are planning some trips for 2013 – weekend and week-long – that I am really looking forward to. Something I’m not looking forward to? Packing. Packing for a weekend trip is a huge challenge for me. [Well, packing in general is a challenge for me. I’m probably the worst packer. Ask my husband, sister, friends.] My biggest problem is that I need to have options to choose from for each event. So I need to have at least 2 choices for dinner, 2 choices for each day activity, etc. And it’s ridiculous. It’s a waste of space. I’m going to let you in on a little secret I’ve discovered recently – if you like all of your clothing and have a good base wardrobe, you will like anything that you bring. Here are some of my weekend getaway essentials, and all will fit in a duffel bag. [Also if you are traveling with a significant other, you will seem super low maintenance if you only bring a small duffel  :)]

Weekend Getaway - Clothing and Shoes


Wear the jeans and white tee on your travel day to your destination. Depending on your daytime activities, wear either the white tee or colorful blouse during the day. Add the navy blazer to change up the look if you are there for a few days. Pair with leopard flats. For nightly events, alternate the LBD and the jeans and sparkle top. Pair the LBD with the nude pumps and the sparkle top with the black booties. AND SWITCH! The great thing about going on vacation is that no one there knows you, so they don’t see if you repeat items 🙂

Accessories are the key for traveling because they are small and easy to pack. Here are some must have accessories:

Weekend Getaway - Accessories

Accessories really make traveling easy. A statement necklace can transform your LBD. Just be sure all of the colors of clothing and the colors of accessories work together! The floral scarf is great with the jeans and tee. And studs are the perfect daytime earrings.

What are some of your best packing tips?


2 thoughts on “Pack Your Bag and Fly Away

  1. Umm…how very appropriate timing! Drew and I are going out of town this weekend (sans baby, sans dog)!

    I would also like to note that even though I don’t comment on most of these blog entries, they do influence my shopping! I am admittedly not very good at styling myself…but I bought a coral/tan striped sweater to wear to Grace’s first birthday party (see my cover photo on Facebook) and it was inspired by one of your posts. I also bought leopard print flats…inspired by one of your posts. I now own a go-to pair of dark wash trouser pants. 🙂

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