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On My Mind

I had every intention of writing a real post about Gorjana jewelry or something wonderfully concise, but my head is all over the place tonight and I can’t focus very well tonight, so I am going to let my scattered brain take the wheel.

I am not usually a lover of Lilly Pulitzer, but I was really feeling it on Rue la la today. Did anyone else have a similar experience? It is always so floral and pastel and so “ladies who lunch” down in Naples, Florida, but Rue had some really great pieces.

Lilly Dress 1


Cute dress, right?

Lilly Dress 2

I loooooove this dress – the colors, pattern and corset top. So adorable. Makes me want to wear it on a beach somewhere.

Lilly Romper

Perfection in a romper.

Have you all seen the Keds for Kate Spade? Aside from the fact that I would never pay $75 for Keds sneakers [no matter how polka dotty :)] and the fact that there are only 2 patterns and everyone and their sister will have them in either polka dot or plaid, I just adore these shoes. What do you think?

Kate Spade Keds 1

Gingham, not plaid. Forgive me.

Kate Spade Keds 2

So completely adorable. I can barely resist.

I’m not sure if it’s my old age [I am about to be *cough cough* 27] but I am changing my shopping and money spending philosophies lately. It all started when I got my amazing Tory Burch Revas for Christmas. I knew that they were somewhat of a boring gift [only in color and style, not at all in how much I love them] but I knew I wanted them and thought Christmas was the perfect time to snatch them up. I knew from day 1 that they would be one of the best purchases I [well, my husband] have ever made because they are going to last forever. I wear them incredibly often and it barely even shows that they’ve been worn. These shoes are going to last forever. I came to the realization that I have always known but sometimes hate to admit – you get what you pay for. So I think it’s time that I start spending real money on the true closet staples, like black flats, classic pumps, etc. In other words, I’ve decided to make investments in some of my purchases. I can just feel wisdom pouring out of me right now, ya’ll.

I did something unthinkable over the weekend – in a moment of absolute cheapness, I bought a pair of gently used shoes from Amazon warehouse deals. They haven’t come in yet, but when they do, I will report back 🙂

J.Crew Factory is offering an additional 30% off everything online. I have several items sitting in my shopping cart but have resisted so far. Help me decide.

J.Crew sequin tank

Minty sequin tank, $27.50

J.Crew lace shirt

Navy lace tee, $52.50

J.Crew polka blouse

Polka dot blouse, $45

J.Crew denim jacket

Denim jacket, $56

J.Crew shorts

Hot pink shorts. I have been wanting these for more than a year, there is really no excuse for why I don’t have them. I am so indecisive. $24 [no excuse]

So I should really just buy all of it, right? Keep in mind, this is fresh off the heels of me telling my husband I’ll go easy on the credit card. It makes sense that I would make a huge purchase.

Happy Tuesday. Here’s hoping my brain isn’t such a mess tomorrow!



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