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Out With the Old, In With the New

I am all about trying something new – new food, new city, new adventure. And I especially love trying new fashion ideas, methods, theories. I have a theory that I am doing the shopping/buying thing all wrong lately. I have collected a number of items throughout the summer that I like, that were on sale but I’m not in love with. But they were on such super sale that they can’t be returned so I’m stuck with items that I only have lukewarm feelings for. I don’t settle for lukewarm. I want items that I love. So maybe I’m doing it wrong. Perhaps I need a new approach.

There are a number of more upscale designer items that I’ve had my eye on as of late. So maybe I should save up some dough and try collecting some great quality items through the fall and winter! 1 item per month. No super clearance sales [unless one of my ‘wants’ is on super clearance, then I can’t not buy, right?!]. Also I will probably have to make an exception for the new outlet malls that are opening in St. Louis this summer [helloooooo kate spade outlet and Off 5th!]. But that’s why I’m not starting until September 🙂

I believe these items will be great for building a better wardrobe. They are all items that can be worn for years and years without going out of style, and I know that the quality will hold up for a long time. Which is precisely what makes the purchases worth it. I have lots of great trendy items for now, so it’s time to focus on long lasting classic pieces.

What are these magical items? Here are a couple of ideas I have had:



I have had my eye on these beauties for SO.LONG. [Ask any of my friends] I feel I have *almost* earned them. We will see how August goes.

Theory pants

A pair of chic, classic straight leg pants. I should have bought this exact pair during the Nordstrom sale, but I was still formulating my plan. Fail.

Kate Spade pumps

I died when I saw these. I have been looking for the perfect pair of black pumps and the perfect pair of leopard pumps and these combine both items beautifully. Kate Spade. Genius.

I am in an endless pursuit of the perfect handbag and I have finally made up my mind that I want a classic tan bag, large but not too big. And I *think* this is “the one”:

TB handbag

Tory Burch. Gorg.

So that is what I have on my list so far. I’m hoping I can make an investment once a month, but let’s be honest, it’ll probably be more like once every 2 months. We are planning a trip to Europe after all.

What do you guys think? What else should be on my list?


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