It’s a Dog Birthday!

I love my dog. My friends and family all know it and pretend not to judge me when I fawn over Lola, when, when we buy her gifts, when I make them all say hi to her when we are skyping or face timing. It’s not fair for me to expect everyone in my life to love her as much as I do [even though they should, she’s the cutest dog ever born] but I appreciate that they accept me and love me even though I’m slightly obsessed with my only “child.” [And they tolerate me calling her my child. For the record {to the haters} I know she’s not a human child and I don’t treat her like a human child. But we’ve raised her since she was 8 weeks old, so yeah, she’s my child.] She has brought so much joy, humor, and love to our little family, so I can’t imagine my life without her. And now she’s 4! I can’t believe it was just 4 years ago that we were in the middle of moving into our house and she peed on our mattress. Fond memories. She’s the best dog ever, the most loyal companion [she has the most amazing way of knowing when I am sad!], the greatest snuggler and, albeit a little stinky sometimes, she is the greatest gift to Mark and I.

I wanted to share some pictures over the years [even though I hardly ever take pictures of her…;)].

Picture 010

I loved her instantly with her curly ears and big pink puppy belly.

Picture 022

Best buds

Picture 079

My friend Tracy gave us an amazing gift when she got us a puppy photo session with our extremely talented wedding photographer, Megan Thiele. [Other dog lovers are the best people]

Picture 118

So playful

Picture 179

She has the crazy eyes


She obviously made an appearance at our wedding!

photo (10)

This is what happens when she plays in the snow…

photo (8)

So we bought her some snow boots. I think she’s plotting her revenge.

photo (9)

For this too. We had to have a Lola reindeer on our Christmas card!

photo (7)

Her favorite show is the annual Puppy Bowl.

photo (6)

Her arch enemies include rabbits, my computer and the vacuum.

photo (5)

And she’s really good at hide & seek

photo (4)

She’s very protective over her toys, but also extremely lazy.

photo (3)

And she’s not afraid to get comfortable.

So much personality! Despite her very sad sad looking eyes, she has a wonderful life full of love, treats and chewsticks. Life’s biggest stress for her is bathtime. You would think a dog as prissy as she is would LIKE getting clean. But no.

So we are celebrating her birthday today with some delicious treats from the doggie bakery [I will admit, I feel a little douchy every time I go buy my dog baked goods. But whatever. ] And lots of lazy laying on the couch.

photo (2)

On the menu: sweet potato treats dipped in “icing” and hamburger pupcakes.

photo (1)

It’s hard for me to resist tasting one…I can’t let myself be that person 🙂


Dog love = true love 🙂

Okay, so is everyone judging me now? 😉


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