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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

You guys, I am still alive! I know it seems like I was kidnapped, and the only privileges my kidnappers afforded me were watching the Emmys and subsequently blogging about it. I wasn’t kidnapped. I have been working my behind off at work and I have had time to sleep, eat, work and little else. I have become a recluse that only goes out when there is food involved. And I’m getting beefy. [I need an intervention. One that involves my loved ones telling me how gross it is to watch me stuff my face. I think that would work. I need a dog-shaming like experience] Stress eating is a real problem. However. Things are looking up, work is slowing down ever so slightly day by day. I am going from a sad shell of a person back to my old self – full of shiny hair and dreams. Even though it has been a rough couple of months, I can confirm that hard work does pay off. And I’ve had a couple of moments in the last couple of weeks that have affirmed that working hard will be rewarded. More details to come 🙂

I have been really missing my quality time with my husband, puppy and friends but I’ve also been really missing my blogging. Returning to blogging is at the perfect time because I just switched my closet from summer to winter and I have a lot of holes! And I have been trying to come up with a reasonable list of needs/wants that won’t break our budget! Most of these are shoes, mostly boots.

1. Black riding boots. Specifically, black suede riding boots with a slight heel. More specifically, these exact boots:



Dolce Vita. But I haven’t really thought about it that much…

2. Tan heeled booties. These are more challenging 🙂


KORS Michael Kors


Steve Madden


Vince Camuto



3. Heeled black knee high boots for work. This is tough because I don’t want to have to buy them, but I do need these. But I’d rather spend money on other things. But needs are needs. Bummer.


Sole Society.




Franco Sarto

4. Flat ankle booties. Yep, more boots. I did a really bad job of shopping for boots last winter apparently. I always regret not getting end of the year sale boots.




Sam Edelman


DV by Dolce Vita



5. A leopard belt. This is an easy one!


J.Crew Factory


Merona for Target.

6. A plaid top and a plaid blazer. More easy 🙂


J.Crew Factory


Merona for Target



7. Skirts. Lots of skirts! Full skirts and pencil skirts! To wear with tights and all of my new boots 🙂






J.Crew Factory.


3.1 Phillip Lim for Target.


Madewell. I am obsessed with this skirt!

8. Leather leggings. I have been wanting these for years, practically. I have a hard time committing to clothing. It takes me too long to decide whether or not I should buy something and then I don’t and am sad. So I just need to buy something when I have a gut feeling about something.


Nordstrom. Love these!

9. Puffed vest. Specifically this herringbone style from J.Crew Factory. I love it!


So yeah, this is a pretty good start. Now I just need to win the lottery and come up with a budgeting plan 🙂


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