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Cords for Every Occasion

About a week ago, my friend and sorority sister Tina had a special request for a blog post. I absolutely love requests from friends and readers – it makes me feel like I’m really helping people, making a difference. 🙂 Tina bought herself some skinny cords from Gap [my favorite place to buy cords as well!] and asked for help on what to wear with them. I LOVE this topic. Here are the cords she bought:






Excellent choices 🙂 The camel colored cords are super versatile and Tina will be able to wear them for many seasons. And the green are also versatile but definitely add a pop of color. I like to treat cords like jeans in terms of pairing them with tops and shoes, but I like to kick it up a notch since they’re not in the typical blues color family. I am going to show 3 different looks for cords – work, casual and party.

Camel Cords - Work


To wear cords to work, pair with a silly blouse and a dressy coat. If the flats are too casual for your place of business, try a pair of round toe pumps or dressy ankle booties.

Camel Cords - Casual


I love fair isle sweaters. They are trendy but timeless and work very well with cords. For a  casual look, the style of the heeled ankle boots above work well, but if you’re not feeling heels, stick to smoking loafers, oxfords or ballet flats.

Camel Cords - dressy


Dressing up cords can be tough, so I like to add some glitter and shine. A sweater with a bit of sparkle with some metallic accessories can do the trick!

For the green cords, here are some good color pairings:

Green Cords - Color Pairings


As a rule of thumb, I usually stick to neutrals with colored pants. I like this shade with cobalt blue, however.

Tina – I want to see pictures!! 🙂


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